January 19

Top 10 Natural Diuretic Foods


Diuretic foods help in curing the problem of fluid retention as they lead to an increased urine production. If diuretic foods are taken in excess amounts, it can cause dehydration. We are going to tell you about some natural diuretic foods. The best diuretics are caffeinated drinks including tea and coffee. Limit the intake of caffeinated drinks to 5 servings. Fruits that contain potassium are good diuretics. Citrus fruits including lemon are diuretics. Both pineapple and its dried root powder function as diuretic. Onion, oats, ginger, beetroot, cabbage and cucumber are some diuretic foods. Cranberry juice and apple cider vinegar are two diuretic liquids. The top 10 natural diuretic foods are as follows.

Top 10 Natural Diuretic Foods


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