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51 Weird But Amazing Uses Of Coca Cola


Coca Cola is undoubtedly the world’s most popular beverage, but we are rarely aware of some amazing alternative uses of Coke. When you are not drinking your Coke you can always use it for a wide range of different purposes.

Given below is a list of some astounding uses of Coca Cola that will encourage you to store your favorite beverage in your refrigerator all the time.

Here Are The Uses Of Coca Cola:

Cleans Windows

Coca Cola is an inexpensive window cleaner. One of the main ingredients in Coke is citric acid. Citric acid is an excellent cleanser, widely used for cleaning glass windowpanes. All you have to do is soak a cloth with Coke and rub your window with it and then wash the glass pane with water to ensure that no residue of the sugary beverage is present on the glass.

Removes Grease Stain On Clothes

Did you know that Coca Cola helps in dissolving grease? If you accidentally spilled gravy or oil on your dress, mix your regular detergent with a can of coke while cleaning the stained clothes.

Cleans Kitchen Countertop

The kitchen collects maximum grime in your house. Removing grease and oil from the kitchen countertop is always a bothersome task. When a can of Coke is present in your refrigerator you don’t have to look further for an effective kitchen cleaner.

Floor Cleaner

It does not matter whether you want to wipe your kitchen floor or clean your bathroom floor and tiles, Coca Cola can always be used as a multipurpose floor cleaner. To make the floor sparkle, empty a can of Coke in a bucket of water and use it for swabbing.

Cleans Your Garage

The garage is one of the most difficult to clean areas of a house. Simply soak the soiled and greasy areas on the garage floor in Coke and then wash it with water and the stubborn stains will vanish almost instantly.

Cleans Burnt Utensils

One of the easiest methods of cleaning a burnt utensil is to pour Coke in it and leave it for about 30 minutes. Acid present in the beverage will help to loosen and dissolve the burnt food residues sticking to the bottom of the utensil.

Cleans Old Coins

If you want the rare old coins in your collection to shine brightly, consider cleaning them with your favorite beverage. Dip the coin in Coke for a few minutes and then wash it with clean water.

Removes Rust

To remove rust from iron, soak the iron object in Coca Cola for several hours and then scrub the rust stains with a scouring pad. The rust stains will dissolve and your iron objects will look as good as new.

Removes Blood Stains From Clothes

Coca Cola helps to dissolve blood stains. By mixing your regular detergent with the beverage while washing your clothes, you can remove the blood stains with ease.

Cleans Tarnished Copper

Coke also helps in removing tarnish from old copper objects. The acid in the beverage helps in dissolving the stain from the metal.

De-Scales Kettle

You can de-scale your electric kettle with ease by boiling Coca Cola in it for several minutes and then scrubbing the kettle and rinsing it with water.

Removes Lime Scale From Bath

The acid content in Coca Cola also helps in dissolving lime scale present in bathtubs. It can be safely used for loosening the lime scales from plastic and granite surfaces.

Removes Gasoline Smell From Clothes

Every person who has worked with petroleum products knows how difficult it is to remove gasoline smell from clothes. The easiest and cheapest way of removing the smell is to add a can of Coke to your washer and then wash your smelly clothes.

Removes Bugs From Cars

One of the best ways of removing bugs and bug stains from your windshield is to rub it with Coca Cola. However, make sure that Coke does not spill on the painted parts of the car.

Cleans Silver

To clean all your tarnished silver jewelries, soak them in Coca Cola for several minutes before rinsing them. Coke helps in loosening the dirt and stains from silver.

Cleans Engine

According to rumors, Coca Cola distributors use the beverage for cleaning the engines of their trucks. Phosphoric acid in the beverage is believed to help with the cleaning process.

Cleans Battery Terminals

Coke as a multipurpose cleaning agent can easily clean the battery terminals. The beverage dissolves the rust in the corroded battery terminals, thereby improving the effectiveness of the battery.

Relief From Jellyfish Sting

When stung by a jellyfish during your underwater adventure, pour Coca Cola on the affected area. Continuously pour the beverage for at least 30 seconds. By negating the effect of the venom, Coke reduces the pain of jellyfish sting.

Reduces Mosquito Bite Itching

Rubbing Coca Cola on the skin provides instant relief from itching caused by mosquito bite. The beverage works by destroying the insect saliva that triggers the local allergic reaction.

Treats Pain Caused By Bee Or Wasp Sting

The acidic content in Coca Cola also helps in destroying the venom left behind on the skin when you are stung by a bee or wasp. Hence, rubbing Coke on the affected area helps in reducing pain caused by stings.

Removes Gum From Unwanted Places

When you have chewing gum on your clothes, shoes or hair, the gum can be easily removed with Coca Cola. Pour some Coke on the gum, leave for few minutes and then gently scrape it with a blunt knife.

Removes Skunk Odor

When a skunk sprays the nasty liquid on you, Coca Cola can save you from the terrible odor. Before taking a bath, pour Coke on the area where the mammal sprayed the offensive chemical.

Treats Nausea

When you feel nauseated, sip Coke. Flat Coke is especially as effective as ginger ale in reducing nausea.

Alleviates Stomach Upset

Coca Cola is a popular home remedy for upset stomach. The beverage primarily works as a rehydrating drink that helps in replacing the fluid and electrolytes lost by the body.

Treats Stomach Blockages

Coca Cola is often used by doctors for treating stomach blockages. The acid in the drink resembles gastric acid and helps in fiber digestion and destroying the blockage.

Cure For Indigestion

Coke can be used as a natural remedy for indigestion. The soda in the drink can partially neutralize the stomach acid providing relief from indigestion.

Cures Hiccups

Breaking the hiccup cycle is the only way of treating hiccups. The easiest way of breaking the hiccup cycle is to hold your breath and quickly drink a glass of Coke.

Treats Sore Throats

Keeping the throat hydrated is the best way of treating sore throat. Sipping Coca Cola at room temperature helps in soothing the irritated throat.

Treats Sore Throats

Reduces Kidney Stone Risk

Diet Coke can decrease risk of developing kidney stones. It works by preventing calcium and oxalate from binding to each other and increasing the alkalinity of urine.

Relief From Wheat Allergy

People susceptible to wheat allergy can prevent allergic reactions by drinking Coke. By breaking down the allergens, phosphoric acid in Coke is believed to provide relief from allergic reactions.

Eases Breathing

Caffeine present in Coca Cola by dilating the constricted airways helps in easing breathing. In the absence of inhaler, drinking Coke can provide relief from asthma attack.

Polishing Chrome

For cleaning and polishing chrome, all you need is an aluminum foil and a can of Coke. By dissolving rust and stains, it will make your chrome objects shine like new.


To grow bergenia, fox glove, astilebe, azaleas, bog rosemary and other plants that grow in acidic soil, pour Coke to your garden soil to reduce its pH.


You can also use Coca Cola as a pesticide for eliminating snails and slugs from your garden. The acid in Coke will kill the pests when they try to drink the beverage.

Defrosting Car Windows

Instead of using a de-icing fluid for defrosting your car windows, consider using Coke for removing the frost. The beverage quickly melts the ice and cleans the windscreen.

Remove Old Paint From Metal Surface

The easiest way to remove old paint from any metal surface is to pour Coke on it. The acid eats away the paint that can be easily scraped off.

Treats Headache

Caffeine in Coca Cola helps in reducing headache. It can even stop migraine attacks.

Hair Curling

Phosphoric acid is Coca Cola contracts the hair cuticles, thereby enhancing the natural curls of your hair. Hence, next time when you are looking for an inexpensive hair curling strategy, wash your hair with Coca Cola.

Drives Away Wasps

Wasps are attracted to the sugary beverage. However, the acidic content in the drink kills the insects. To drive away wasps from your house, fill a bowl with Coke and keep it in your backyard.

Fades Hair Color

The easiest way to fade unwanted hair color is to wash your hair with Coke. The acid in the drink helps to dissolve the dye.

BBQ Sauce

To enhance the flavor of your homemade barbecue sauce, add a cup of Coke to your other BBQ sauce ingredients.

Coca Cola Cake

Coca Cola when added to cake batter makes the cake moist and delicious. Next time when you are planning to bake a chocolate cake, try adding cola to your cake recipe.

Tenderizing Meat

The carbon dioxide in the carbonated beverage helps in tenderizing meat. Adding Coca Cola to your marinade helps in reducing the time needed for cooking meat.


You can make a variety of exciting cocktail recipes by blending Coca Cola with vodka, rum or any other alcoholic drink.



Coca cola can be used for making outstanding non-alcoholic drinks. Mix Coke with your favorite fruit juice and create the most refreshing summer drink.

Glazing Ham

Coca Cola is the perfect sweet and tangy ingredient for glazing ham. The beverage enhances the flavor of baked ham and gives it a caramelized coating.

Skin Tanning

Coca Cola can be used as an alternative to expensive tanning products. To get a better skin tan, spray your skin with Coca Cola before exposing it to sunlight.

Gives Documents An Antique Look

To give a document or photo an antique appearance, spray Coke on it and then wipe it after a few minutes.

Removes Marker Stains

To remove marker stain from clothes or carpet, pour a small amount of Coke on the stain and leave it for several minutes. Then wash with soap and water.

Building Compost Pile

The sweetness in Coke attracts microorganisms and its acidic components help in breaking down the materials used for building compost. Hence, pouring Coke on organic matters in the compost bin boosts the composting process.

Dissolves Teeth

An unusual way of discarding your child’s milk teeth is to soak them in a can of Coke. The acid in Coca Cola will dissolve the teeth after several days.


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