January 25

15 Benefits Of Goldenseal For Skin Hair And Health


Goldenseal is gaining popularity as the miracle plant because it is believed to cure various health problems. This is true because of the rich nutrients and essential fatty acids it contains. The herb is harmless and has been used in alternate medicine from a long time to treat digestive problems and skin infections. If you have not heard about the benefits of the plant, listed below are a few health benefits it offers.

Here Are The List Of 15 Benefits Of Goldenseal For Skin Hair And Health

1. Cold And Flu Treatment

Common illnesses such as cold and flu are uninvited guests of a climate change. They make us edgy and queasy. Congestion is another symptom that makes us irritated. Goldenseal is an excellent remedy for all these problems. It is a good expectorant.

2. Digestive Aid

Studies have revealed that goldenseal is an excellent digestive support. The extracts have been found to increase bile secretion and ease digestion. It is a good remedy to keep constipation at bay. It also treats indigestion and supports the health of the liver.

3. Weight Loss Support

Goldenseal is a natural diuretic. Hence, it can be used to eliminate fluid buildup in the body and reduce weight easily. It promotes sweating and increases urination to remove excess water from the body. By increasing sweating and urination, it also aids in the removal of toxins from the body.

4. Supports Joint Health

Fluid buildup in joints can affect the functions of the joints and increase pain and inflammation. Goldenseal possesses diuretic properties, which hinder fluid accumulation in the body and its anti-inflammatory properties ease pain and reduce swelling. Thus it helps in smooth movement of joints.

5. Treat Anorexia

Anorexia is an eating disorder. This affects the physical image of the people affected by this condition. People with anorexia restrict food to lose weight. Goldenseal being a digestive stimulant stimulates digestion and hunger. Packed with healthy nutrients, it nurtures the body and keeps it healthy.

6. Skin Tonic

Goldenseal has been used since ages to treat all kinds of skin disorders. Studies have also supported its effects in curing sores, blisters, herpes, eczema, etc.  It is a good antiseptic and effective against acne. It makes the skin healthy and soft.

7.Hair Tonic

Goldenseal can be seen in a lot of hair care products. It is effective in treating dandruff. You can simply soak the root in water used to wash the hair to get rid of the irritating white flakes completely. It can be consumed in the form of the supplement to improve the overall health of the hair.

8.Cardiovascular Health

Several cardiovascular conditions can be treated by using goldenseal. The herb helps in tightening blood vessels and enhances the functioning of the heart.

9.Ear Infections

As the herb boosts the immune system, the body can defend against invaders such as bacteria before they infect the tissues. In addition, lymph drainage becomes more efficient.

10.Promotes Liver Health

Goldenseal positively affects various organs in the body like pancreas, liver and spleen. The herb has the ability to enhance blood circulation, which stimulate these organs. Hence, they function optimally.

11.Mucous Membranes

Goldenseal is one of the potent remedies for disorders, which affect mucous membranes of the nose, ear, eye and throat, intestine, stomach and vagina.

12.Gynecological Uses

The herb is quite helpful in reducing heavy menstrual bleeding. Hence, it is used to stop bleeding after childbirth. This herb is not recommended during pregnancy.

13.Sores On Tongue Gums And Mouth

Sores can be healed with a mouthwash prepared by using a pinch of baking soda and goldenseal powder in water.

14.Yeast Infections

The infections could be treated by blending together 11/2 tsp of goldenseal root in three cups water. Use this liquid as a douche until the problem clears up.

15.Cleanses The Body

Holistic healers and alternative care doctors use various preparations of goldenseal along with other herbs to cure drug addiction. A specific preparation is used to cleanse the body. After the harmful toxins are removed another preparation is used to treat physical withdrawal symptoms. Finally, a third type of mixture rebuilds the body with the help of sound nutrition.


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