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Use Clay To Detoxify Your Body And Skin

Body ClayClay is the natural detoxifying agent and has been used since ancient times to help the body get rid of years of toxin buildup that your body, skin and hair absorbs from the environment. By removing these impurities, it nourishes your skin, hair and body and by adding nutrients like calcium, magnesium, silica, potassium and other trace minerals, it also improves your overall health. There are various type of healing clays used for body detox and skin care like Bentonite clay, green clay, white clay and Fuller’s earth. All these clays are loaded with nutrients, are good detox agents and also have antibacterial properties which kill bacteria, cleanse the skin, remove toxins and dirt from the pores and regenerate the cells of the skin. Read more to know its benefits and uses.

Wellnessmama – Use Clay To Detoxify Your Body And Skin



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