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Top Antiviral Herbs And How To Use Them

op Antiviral Herbs and How To use Them

Changing weather is a time of the year when viruses thrive on almost everything and anything. It is around this period when one experiences problems like cold, cough, fever, constant irritation, etc. One thing that should be kept in mind during this period is that viruses are not really the same as bacteria. They are different and it is the very reason that antibiotics have no impact on them, whatsoever. However, there are a lot of herbs out there, which do have a positive impact on these viruses.

Herbs are a safe and secure way of keeping these viruses at bay and also treated using the same. Herbs will help you in getting faster relief from these viruses and can be used with most other medicines. The idea is to use them the right way. Here are four antiviral herbs that are easily available in the house and are great for treating virus infections.

1. Ginger

Centuries ago, it was considered that ginger is a great herb for warming the body and it would also prevent the chilling of the stomach and thus help in preventing nausea too. This problem usually occurred during the warmer seasons when one would drink or consume more of cold water.


Antiviral Properties Of Ginger

Over the years, it has been seen that along with these benefits, the ginger herb is also a great antiviral remedy. It has antiviral properties that helps to treat different kinds of infections like strep throat, cold, cough, etc. Using ginger is not very difficult and one can opt for a variety of remedies.

How To Use Ginger

Here are a couple of easy and simple ways to use ginger for antiviral benefits-

 Ginger Tea

One of the safest and the most popular ways of using or consuming ginger would be through teas. Simply boil ginger in hot water and add some honey to it for mellowing down the tang. The honey also fights germs so you get the dual benefit of these two. You can also add tea leaves if you want or consume the same on its own. Remember this tea helps in preventing and treating cough, cold and other related issues.

Ginger Tea

Ginger Candy

You can also suck on ginger pieces and make candy from the same. Simply boil the ginger in some sugar syrup and then let it dry in the sun. What it does is that provides you the same benefits of ginger, but the dried form makes it easier to carry and also appealing for smaller children.

Ginger Candy

2. Garlic

This delightful herb can add flavour to almost anything and you wouldn’t mind having it in all your meals. But there are much more benefits to garlic, other than flavour.


Antiviral Properties of Garlic

When it comes to antiviral herbs, garlic takes the cake. This antiviral herb can be used internally and externally too and works in multiple ways to provide added benefits. Along with having antiviral properties it also has antibacterial properties and antifungal benefits.

Ways To Consume Garlic

The herb is really economical and can be used in many ways but provides results when consume in natural and unprocessed forms.

As Garlic Cloves

Simply consume the clove of the garlic early in the morning. This goes into the stomach and provides healing properties. Apart from this, you can also chew garlic if you don’t mind the smell and this works great for oral health issues and viruses.

Garlic Cloves

In Food

Consume more of garlic in your everyday foods. But one of the best ways to have this would be in chicken broth or soup. Chicken soup is a good way to combat viral diseases like flu and cold. Simply sprinkle more of garlic in your pasta, soups, broths or even salad.

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3. Elderberry

The common elderberry or Sambucus nigra is black in colour and is commonly used for fighting influenza virus. This herb has properties that multiplies through the living cells and thus aids in faster recovery.

Antiviral Properties of Elderberry

It contains flavonoids, including quercetin and has therapeutic actions. It also has powerful antioxidants that do not allow further damage to the cells. In recent studies it was proved that the herb helps in fighting against HIV along with herpes simplex virus.

Using Elderberry Extracts

It is best to consume the extracts of the herbs in forms of teas and concoctions. It is not only safe to use the fresh herb from your backyard to make tea. Simply take a couple of cups of water and boil the berries of this tree. Just make sure that you pick black and ripe ones. If you want some added flavours, throw in some basil and ginger along with honey for taste and more benefits too. You can have supplements of the same too but try for the natural option as it has more benefits.

4. Green Tea

Green tea also known as Camellia sinensis is one of the best herbs suggested for viral infections. It has been used for ages in China to provide benefits like weight loss and along with improved immunity and anti-aging properties.

Green Tea

Antiviral Properties Of Green Tea

Basically Green tea comprises of different flavonoids called catechins. These are known for inhibiting anti viral properties as they bind with haemagglutinin to not allow the virus from entering the cells. This prevents the infection from spreading or getting worse. It has also been via researches that isolated catechin block viral enzymes and reverse transcriptase that aids in DNA replication. Green tea extracts are known for preventing and treating different kinds of herpes simplex viruses along with HIV and hepatitis B virus.

How To Use In Regular Form

One of the easiest and quickest ways of using green tea would be to simply consume it as a form of tea. Basically you get the in the form of bags or even lose leave. Boil it in water and consume it without sugar. Green tea can also be consumed cold. In this reference, add some ice to the tea and have it cold. You can make your tea and carry it around in a flask for boosting anti viral properties along with gaining with benefits like anti-aging and antioxidants.

In foods

A lot of individuals are now experimenting with green tea extracts in foods. So you can have green tea ice cream or green tea extracts in salads and dishes. What it does is provide you some more options of consuming the tea.

So go ahead and keep on having these herbs to combat viral infections and other virus based illnesses all year through!



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