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Top 9 Home Remedies For Sleep Apnea


Stopping of the breath at regular intervals during a state of sleep is a disease known as sleep apnea. The affected person snores at night during sleep. The person doesn’t get rest despite sleeping well. There is fatigue and tiredness on the next day after waking up. The problem can be due to relaxation of throat muscles. It can also be due to failure in transmitting signals by the brain for controlling breathing. The patient feels sleepy and drowsy during daytime during work at the office. The person wakes up at night and has shortness of breath. The mouth becomes very dry. There is insomnia and headache. Home remedies can help in treating this problem quite well. We will suggest some useful remedies here.

Following Are The Top 9 Home Remedies For Sleep Apnea.

Change Sleeping Position

Sleeping on back can worsen the problem of sleep apnea. It blocks the air passage and obstructs breathing. So avoid this position. Change your position and try sleeping on sides. It will take some time and effort to get used to this position. You can also sleep on your stomach.


Treat Respiratory Diseases

Respiratory diseases due to cold and allergy lead to breathing difficulties. People who have this problem can suffer from sleep apnea due to obstructed breathing at night. Thus, get treatment for respiratory diseases and ensure that you have a free easy breathing.


Black Pepper

If the air passages have become blocked and cause breathing problem, you can use black pepper for solving this problem. Mix black pepper with water. Don’t use cold water. The water should be hot. For a sweet taste, add little amount of honey in it. Stir so that all ingredients are mixed well. Consume the drink hot. It will open the blocked airways.

Black Pepper


Garlic helps in treating enlarged tonsils, which cures sleep apnea indirectly. Sometimes, breathing problems occur due to inflammation in respiratory organs. Eating garlic helps in curing this problem because it has anti-inflammatory properties. Eat garlic before sleeping at night. Consuming garlic along with lukewarm water is beneficial.


Cinnamon Powder

Cinnamon powder is a very useful spice for treating sleep apnea. Mix it with hot water, stir and consume the drink. Do this remedy one time daily. You can also make paste by mixing cinnamon with normal water. Rub the paste on forehead. You can also get relief by applying the paste on chest.


Weight Loss

Weight loss is an effective remedy for treating sleep apnea. Obese people have blocked air passages caused by fat deposits in the throat. This causes interference in breathing freely. Thus, avoid obesity by controlling the body weight. Even losing ten per cent weight helps a lot.

Weight Loss

Avoid Sedatives

Taking some types of medicines increases the risk of suffering from sleep apnea. Avoid taking such medicines. Sedatives taken at bedtime can cause this condition. Avoid taking sleeping pills at night. It will help in preventing sleep apnea.


Avoid Alcohol And Smoking

The habit of drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes can worsen the condition of a person who has sleep apnea. Alcohol blocks breathing by relaxing the throat muscles. Thus, if you want to treat sleep apnea, you should quit alcohol and smoking completely.


Do Regular Exercises

Regular exercises and increasing physical activities helps in getting a good sleep, which prevents and controls sleep apnea. Do exercise for half an hour daily. You can do aerobic and strengthening exercises. Walking is the easiest and simplest exercise for improving health. Stair climbing, dancing, yoga and resistance training are some other exercises.



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