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Top 9 Home Remedies For Cough In Babies

Top 9 Home Remedies For Cough In Babies

Cough is a common problem for adults as well as kids. It can prove to be a serious problem for babies. Parents are worried and concerned about their baby’s persistent coughing. Some babies have a cough with mucus and phlegm while some have a dry cough without phlegm. A whooping cough is another serious problem in babies that also causes breathing difficulty and pneumonia. If the condition becomes serious, the baby can die due to whooping cough. Thus, it is important to pay attention to a cough in babies and heal it in a timely manner. Home remedies give some relief in this problem. We will suggest some remedies here.

Here Are Top 9 Home Remedies For Cough In Babies

1. Drink Fluids

Giving more amounts of fluids to your baby will help in loosening the phlegm thus reducing the cough. Let your baby drink more water, fruit juice and fruit shakes. It is beneficial to drink warm fluids like water and soup [1].

Drink Fluids

2. Take Honey

Honey is a natural remedy for easing cough in babies and toddlers. Let the baby eat honey before sleeping at night. For a single use, give half teaspoon honey at one time. However, honey is not suitable for babies less than one year of age. For babies above one year old, honey is a better option than cough medicine [2].

take honey

3. Use Ginger Rub

If your baby has cough along with cold, you can use ginger rub to heal this problem. Mix a little amount of ginger powder with petroleum jelly. Mix well and apply on the chest of your baby. Wrap a cotton cloth over it to keep the chest warm. It will give a lot of relief [3].

Use Ginger Rub

4. Use Onion Juice

Onion can help in healing a cough in babies in a natural way. Cut onions into small pieces and extract its juice by crushing or grinding it. Add honey to onion juice. Keep the mixture aside to rest for four hours. Give this mixture to the baby two times daily. Onion contains ingredients that help in removing phlegm [4].

Onion Juice

5. Eat Ginger With Honey

Ginger helps in giving relief in a cough in babies who are more than one year old. For this, you need to mix grated ginger with honey. Give this mixture to the baby one teaspoon at a time. Let the baby eat the ginger mixture several times in a day [5].

Eat Ginger With Honey

6. Use Basil

Basil leaves are very useful for dealing with whooping cough in babies. Extract juice from basil leaves. Mix the juice with honey. Let the baby consume the mixture. Do this remedy thrice daily. It will give relief in whooping cough [6].

Basil Juice

7. Take Aniseed Tea

Aniseed tea is an effective remedy for cough in babies. For making the tea, you need to boil aniseed in water and steep it for some time. Give the aniseed tea to the baby several times in a day. The tea helps in loosening the mucus.

Take Aniseed Tea

8. Use Turmeric

If your baby above one year of age has a dry cough, you can use turmeric powder for solving this problem. Heat milk in a pan and let it boil. Mix turmeric and cook little more. Let the baby drink this milk. It will reduce the cough [7].

Use Turmeric

9. Use Garlic

Garlic can help in fighting whooping cough in babies when taken in the form of juice. Crush or grind garlic cloves and extract its juice. Mix this juice with little amount of honey. Give this mixture to your baby three times daily. It will give relief to your little one [8].

Use Garlic


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