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Top 8 Skin Care Tips To Keep Your Skin Flawless

It is not always home remedies we should look for because sometimes precaution is better than care. Having complete knowledge of what our skin wants and what not can save our beautiful skin from getting ruined later. We can also manage to make our skin flawless if we keep a few things in mind. Such things are given down here. Do read about them all and implement in your daily life.

Here Are The Top 8 Skin Care Tips To Keep Your Skin Flawless:

1. Exfoliate Your Skin Regularly

Cleansing, toning and moisturizing is something we all do to our skin while completely forgetting about exfoliation. However, exfoliation is necessary in the same manner to the same extent. It removes the dead skin layer thus revealing the inner beautiful, zits free, in short flawless skin. Rather than exfoliating daily, exfoliate thrice or just twice a week. It will do away with the dead skin layer, dust and impurities and also make the skin smoother.


2. Eat Healthy, Keep Your Skin Healthy

You need not to depend on one or the other remedy to keep your skin in the best shape when you already have good food that not just your skin but keeps your entire system healthy. Have a balanced diet that should include vegetables, sprouts, green leafy vegetables, etc. the best is to consume raw vegetables like tomatoes, cucumber, carrots, beetroots, etc. You must consume fruits as well and give up on junk food.


3. Hydrate Your Skin

The skin needs to be hydrated from inside and out. Therefore, cleanse you facial skin twice each day. If you wash more than this, the skin might become totally dry. Other than cleansing, do not forget to nourish your skin with the natural oils produced by the glands present inside the skin. This is to make the skin flawless, nourished and to keep into the best shape. Therefore, every time you wash your face, do apply a mild cleanser afterwards. And, while washing, go for cold water as the warm water opens the skin pores thus making it easier for dirt and germs to enter and cause havoc.


4. Treat Pimples Gently

If you are a frequent-going-out person then pimples and acnes are inevitable. Yes, they seem annoying and an obstacle to the entire beauty but they needs to be treated gently otherwise they will disappear but will leave the sign of its arrival and spread to other spots as well. Do not pop the zits else it will result in redness, scars, inflammation and blemishes for a longer time. The best option is to settle for home remedies for pimples.


5. Avoid Using Cosmetics More Often

Well, I take this as the biggest factor responsible for the damage done to the skin. Yes, it makes you look beautiful instantly but can you give up your lifelong beauty for an hour or two. Well, it would be a folly to do such a reckless thing. Knowing that the cosmetics only bring wrath to the skin, you must not use it more often and if possible, try to minimize its usage. Rather than chemical cosmetics like foundation, you should settle for herbal products as they bring beauty with minimal damage.


6. Stay Away From Sunlight

After cosmetics comes sunlight that brings misery to the skin. A great source of vitamin D, sunlight is good for the skin in the early morning for 1-2 hour not at daytime or evening. The reason behind this is the presence of UV rays that are so strong to take away everything natural from the skin thus making it suffer to no beauty. It is not just the beauty, but staying under intense sunrays for longer hours can cause skin cancer as well. In case, the situation demands you to stay under sunlight then, do wear necessary precautions such as applying creams above SPF 40 or using some natural soothing remedies.


7. Drink As Much Water As Possible

Consuming as much water as possible helps in flushing out the toxins from the body thus displaying its beautiful results through face. The more you drink water, the clearer the skin becomes and flawless also. Other than hydrating the skin, water also helps in removing the excess of oil from the glands. There are cases, in which the body is not able to consume so much amount of water, in such cases, you can replace direct water by the fruits and vegetables containing high amount of water. Such fruits are cucumber, watermelon, broccoli, etc.


8. Say ‘no’ To Oily, Spicy Or Deep Fried Food

The oil and the plenty of spices present in oily, deep fried and spicy dishes destroys the skin and makes the skin dull, unattractive, acne prone and prone to certain other facial disorders slowly and slowly. You may avert such facial problems and also build your health if you just give up such food completely and instead go for healthy, oil free food.



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