Top 7 Foods That Help Sinus Congestion

Foods That Help Sinus Congestion

Cold and allergy causes inflammation in mucous membrane of sinus region and it leads to sinus infection. High amount of mucus is produced, which becomes deposited in the sinus region. It is possible to treat sinus congestion without using medicines. This article will tell you about some foods that fight sinus congestion. Drinking hot liquids is very beneficial as it helps in loosening the mucus. You should eat horseradish. Avoid dairy foods as it increases phlegm production, which worsens sinus congestion. Drink plenty of water, which will dilute sinus secretions. You can also have unsweetened juices. Avoid soda drinks. The top 7 foods that help sinus congestion are as follows.

Top 7 Foods That Help Sinus Congestion


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