Top 6 Home Remedies For Heat Stroke

Exposure to sunlight and excessive heat is the main cause of heat stroke. Remaining outdoors in the hot weather increases the body temperature causing dizziness, fainting, sweating, confusion and breathing problems. It can also cause vomiting, diarrhea, and convulsions. Athletes and outdoor workers are the most common victims of heat stroke. Immediate relief and treatment should be given to the affected person. Some home remedies help in fighting this problem quite well. We will explain some remedies here.

Following Are The Top 6 Home Remedies For Heat Stroke

1. Shift To A Cold Area

The first step to take is to shift to a cold place indoors. Find a shady area that does not have sunlight. Go inside the house and switch on the fan or air conditioner. If you are in a public area, get inside a building like shop or mall. It is important to move from the hot area as soon as possible [1].

Shift To A Cold Area

2. Cold Treatment

After shifting the affected person to a cold place indoors, you should put cold water on the body. It will help in cooling the body. Apart from this, you can apply ice packs on the skin. Wrap a cloth around ice cubes and apply on the body. It will lower the temperature giving relief in heat stroke [2].

Cold Treatment

3. Use Essential Oil Compress

Using essential oil compress gives relief to a person affected by heat stroke. Add essential oil to water. Dip cloth in this solution. Apply on the body like a compress. Use the compress on body parts like forehead, neck and wrists. The best oils for this remedy are lavender and peppermint oil [3].

Use Essential Oil Compress

4. Drink Fluids

The affected person should drink fluids in case he or she is awake. It is safe to drink fluids only if the person is not unconscious. Drink water or fruit juice. It will help in hydrating the body and reducing problems caused by dehydration [4].

Consume Fluids

5. Take Electrolyte Drink

Apart from water and juice, you can take electrolyte drinks to fight heat stroke. A simple homemade electrolyte drink can be made by mixing baking soda with water. You should also mix a little amount of sea salt in this solution. For a better taste, add fruit juice and lemon juice. Mix all things and drink it. Take this drink at regular intervals after every ten minutes [5].

Take Electrolyte Drink

6. Take Bath

If you are affected by heat stroke outside your house, get inside and take a bath with cold water. Soak the body in cold water in a tub or take shower. If there is pond or stream in a nearby area, you can dip yourself in water in it [6].

Take Bath


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