Top 6 Herbal Remedies For Pericarditis

Top 6 Herbal Remedies For Pericarditis

Pericarditis is a condition wherein the protective sac or pericardium that surrounds the heart gets inflamed. This condition could be chronic or acute. If the condition is mild, then ample rest and over-the-counter medications are taken under the advice of the doctor is all that you need. However, if the condition is serious then you need to immediately see the doctor and undergo proper medications. Pericarditis often causes sharp pain in the chest and this condition occurs when the irritated or swollen layers of pericardium rub against one another. Pericarditis often begins with sudden, but acute chest pain and when the symptoms persist for a longer time, pericarditis is considered chronic. Shortness of breath, heart palpitations, fatigue, abdominal swelling is other common symptoms. In fact, early diagnosis can help reduce long-term complications and risks and a few herbal remedies could be helpful as well.

Here Are The Top 6 Herbal Remedies For Pericarditis:

1. Bugleweed

This herb is often administered to people who are suffering from thyrotoxic agitation and heart palpitations. It is considered as a nervine, diuretic, and a peripheral vasodilator. Hence, this herb is often administered to patients suffering from pericarditis and endocarditis as it quickly reduces inflammation. This herb is available in the form of capsule and tincture. However, you need to seek your health practitioner’s advice before taking these herbal supplements.[1]


2. Wild Indigo

This is an antiviral herb which has been in use for removing toxins from the body. It is known as a heart-clearing immune stimulant and helps in reducing the symptoms associated with pericarditis. It is available in the form of a capsule, tincture, and tablet. Seek your herbalist advice as a large dose of this herb could be toxic and may show up symptoms such as nausea and vomiting.[2]

Wild Indigo

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3. Echinacea

Echinacea is one yet amazing herbal remedy for pericarditis. It is proven to be useful as well. This herb is available in the form of supplements, tincture, and capsules. However, it might interact with other medications. So, better talk to your doctor before trying out this herbal remedy.[3]


4. Hawthorn

This amazing herb has been in use for years because of its effectiveness in warding off heart problems. Hawthorn helps reduce heart-damaging effects and hence, it is often used by Indian herbalists for cardiac failure, endocarditis, and pericarditis. It is better to seek your doctor’s approval as it might interact with other medications.[4]


5. Garlic

Garlic is yet another amazing herbal remedy which is considered beneficial for alleviating several bacterial infections, thanks to its antibiotic properties. Include it in your regular diet as it helps alleviate the symptoms associated with pericarditis. Garlic supplements are also available and consuming them regularly is also found to be helpful in reducing the symptoms of pericarditis.[5]


6. Arjuna Bark

Arjuna bark is often used as a cardiac tonic. It acts as an astringent and is often recommended for heart diseases. It is also used for healing several ailments such as dysentery, diarrhea, hemorrhages etc. Arjuna seems to be useful for improving cardiac muscle function and heart’s pumping activity. The bark of arjuna contains triterpenoid saponins, calcium, magnesium, saponins, copper, and zinc. All these saponin compounds play a vital role in improving the cardiac functioning. In fact, the decoction made using arjuna bark is considered beneficial for patients suffering from pericarditis. To prepare the decoction, add 3gm of the bark of arjuna, 24gm cane sugar, and boil it in 200ml of cow’s milk. This decoction is highly recommended for people having heart complications with endocarditis, pericarditis, and angina.[6]

Arjuna Bark



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