Top 5 Ways To Do Hair Spa At Home

Top 5 Ways To Do Hair Spa At Home

Hair spa is nothing else but naturally conditioning your hair. If your hair are in poor health due to lack of nutrients in its roots, exposure to pollution or with the regular usage of hair styling products, then it is high time you must think about your hair. With hair spa, you can recover any kind of damage and bring your hair in natural health all over again. The problems can be all undone if you start giving your hair, spa regularly. Not only damage free but the hair will become softer and shinier as well.

5 Amazing Homemade Method To Spa Your Hair:

1. Coconut Cream Spa:

Coconut is rich in saturated fats and good cholesterol that helps in repairing any kind of damage to the body. As hairs are a part of body, coconut cream helps in repairing that also. Hence, it is an excellent choice if you don’t believe the artificial conditioner and want to help your hair recover in the natural manner.

Extract coconut cream from the unripe coconut and make its paste into a blender. Apply the cream all over your hair scalp till the hair roots and wait for 20 minutes. Soak a dry towel into warm water and after squeezing it properly, wrap it around your hair. Repeat the latter part once more after 10 minutes. Finally, you may rinse your hair off with lukewarm water and mild shampoo.

Coconut Cream Spa

2. Olive Oil Spa:

Olive oil is an effective method to do the hair spa. It comes with excellent hair conditioning property that helps in making hair softer and shinier. Besides working as a deep conditioner, olive oil also penetrates deep down the hair roots and repair any kind of damage concerned with the hair.

In order to hair spa your hair with olive oil, take sufficient amount of olive oil on your palms and deep massage your hair for quite some time or a maximum of 15 minutes. Instead of letting your hair stay open, soak a cotton cloth into warm water and wrap around your hair after squeezing it properly. Leave the cotton towel on your hair for 10 to 20 minutes followed by repeating the last step one more time. Finally, you may wash your hair with a mild shampoo and lukewarm water.

Olive Oil Spa

3. Banana Hair Spa:

An amazing source of potassium, vitamins and other nutrients, banana is very much capable of making hair softer and preventing any kind of damage to the hair. Also, banana helps in retaining the natural elasticity of the hair.

Choose few ripe bananas as per the density of your hair. Mash it well. You can apply it on your hair like this but if you want to enhance the effectiveness then prefer adding few teaspoon of olive oil and an egg white. Mix the three ingredients well and apply all over your hair focusing on the hair roots. Do wait for 20 minutes and then you may wash off your hair a mild shampoo and lukewarm water.

Banana Hair Spa

4. Eggs Hair Spa:

What can be better than the best source of protein than egg for the protein strands i.e. Hair. Our hair are made of protein. Any damage to the hair from its frizziness to the continuous breakage is related to the alternation in the level of protein. You can overcome these problems and get beautiful hair with zero damage with the usage of eggs. The nutrients present in eggs help in hair growth and prevent the hair damage in the form of frizzy hair and hair fall. Also, you will find your hair become extraordinarily shinier with the continuous usage of eggs.

You have to start with taking eggs depending upon the volume and the length of your hair. Break the eggs and remove its yellow part as it is of no use. Add sufficient coconut oil to the egg white and whisk to mix it properly. Now apply it all over your scalp till the hair ends. There is no need to apply it twice. Now dip a towel into warm water and wrap around the volume of your hair. Allowing it to stay like this for 20 minutes, rinse your hair with a mild shampoo.

Eggs Hair Spa

5. Avocado Hair Spa:

The avocado hair mask is another very potent hair mask for the overall beauty of the hair. It adds shine to the hair and help the hair become much healthier. All thanks to the nutrients present in avocado that help the hair become naturally beautiful.

Mash two big teaspoon of avocado pulp with 1 teaspoon of honey. Mash the two ingredients properly so as to form a medium consistency paste. Comb your hair first followed by applying the paste all over your scalp till the back. Do not leave the hair ends. Allow the hair mask stay on your hair for about 20 minutes before your rinse your hair and shampoo properly. While shampooing, choose a mild shampoo. Repeat the same avocado mask on your regular shampooing days and you can get softer, shinier and smoother hair.

Avocado Hair Spa



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