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5 Skin Care Tips During Weight Loss


Skin on your body comprises of layers of cells that are indulged in continuous process of regeneration and deformation all along your life, but at point like epidermis these cells are a bit of permanent and thus when you lose weight at a fast pace or during old age when these cells regenerate at a slower pace you are very much prone to experience sagging skin and stretch marks all; in very wrong places as your skin doesn’t get enough time to adjust into elasticity of your new shape.To overcome all such flaws we provide you with a list of skin care tips during weight loss.

List Of  5 Skin Care Tips During Weight Loss

Water Therapy

First tip will be not to panic as this is a natural process and your skin will return to normal elasticity in time, but it’s just that it’s a lot of time. Water is best way to keep yourself hydrated and improve your skins elasticity. To enjoy a healthy, tight and fresh skin you should consume more than 2 liters of water   on   daily basis. You can say that keeping yourself hydrated is best way for healthy skin during weight loss.


Balanced Diet

Include a lot of protein rich food in your diet to keep your skin perfectly elastic and plump, some of items to include are milk, beans, cheese, tofu, seeds, fish and nuts. All these are very collagen and protein rich substances and very essential for a healthy skin. You can also add protein shakes to your diet to increase your per day consumption.

Proper Diet

Lose Weight At A Slow Pace

When you lose weight too quickly, your body doesn’t get the time it require to fit into your new shape and size and thus elasticity of your skin doesn’t fits perfectly, showing a lots of stretch marks at different places, to overcome this problem all you need to do is to lose weight at a slow pace so that your body gets the time required to keep up with elasticity of your skin fitting perfectly on you. Try and avoid medicines that are very cheaply available in market for weight loss, instead go for a training routine with a trainer and loose most of your weight through running and cycling exercises.


Age Factor

The older you get and more time will your skin take to shape up accordingly cause your skin stops regenerating itself as you grow old. Skin is an organ like your other body parts, having maximum strength when young and stops making now skin cells after age of 50, but don’t wait that long to lose weight. If you are young do it now, if not go at a slow pace keeping all others factors in mind. Don’t stress too much and keep your diet well balanced and keep your muscles well-toned while you lose weight in a well-planned manner.


Avoid Smoking

Smoking habits can have a very bad effect on your skin as it loses its elasticity and it also cause advancement in aging causing severe harm to your body and skin. Smoking even causes dehydration to your body, depleting amount of oxygen and nutrients in your body which are very essential for skin health. In addition smoking causes your skin to develop wrinkles and dark spots around your eyes, best way to protect your skin is to kick the bud out of your life, within 24 hours of quitting, blood flow increases in your body and amount of harmful carbon starts to decrease.



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