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Top 5 Self Tanning Home Remedies


Fair skin is liked by many people. However, some people are crazy about getting tanned dark skin. As soon as the summer season arrives, people like to soak in the sun for getting a nice tan. Sun exposure is not good as it damages the skin. It can lead to sunburn and other types of skin problems. Thus, it is not a good option for getting tanned skin. Using tanning beds is also not safe for skin. It is better to use home remedies for this purpose. They are safe for the skin and don’t cause any harm. We will tell you about some easy remedies for tanned skin. Apply the self-tanning product in circular motions on the skin and see the difference in skin color.

Following Are The Top 5 Self-tanning Home Remedies

Cocoa Powder

Cocoa powder can help in getting a tan naturally. Mix it with white lotion and apply on your skin. Use a makeup sponge for applying the mixture. The skin will become tanned but it will be removed the next time you take bath. This is a temporary tanning solution.



It is possible to make a sunless self-tanner using chocolate. Mix chocolate with mineral makeup. Choose a reddish or brownish shade of mineral makeup. Apply the mixture all over the body on your skin. The skin will become tanned.


Tea Bag

Boil water along with little vanilla extract. Take out and steep a tea bag in this water. Exfoliate the skin and apply moisturizer. Apply the above tea liquid on skin all over the body. Wait until the liquid becomes dry. You will get a nice tan.

Tea Bags

Coffee With Olive Oil

Grind coffee beans into a coarse powder. Add little olive oil to it. Mix both ingredients well. Apply all over the body for fifteen minutes. Wash the skin after that. You can also soak the body in bathwater mixed with coffee powder.


Coffee With Almond Oil

You can also make a self-tanning solution by mixing coffee powder with almond oil. Use the oil meant for use on skin. Mix both ingredients well and add water to it. Fill in a bottle and shake well. Apply on skin with a rubbing movement. The skin will become tanned.



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