Top 5 Safety Tips For Sun Bathing And Sun Exposure

5 Safety Tips For Sun Bathing

People enjoy the summer season after the cold of winters. Many of us like to spend time at swimming pool and beach to get relief from heat and sweat. The skin becomes dark and tanned due to sun exposure. The severe heat during summers causes serious skin damage. It can even cause skin cancer. Still people like to soak in the sun with the skin exposed to sun directly. Some people like to be tanned at tanning salons. It is important to protect the skin from the harsh heat of the sun. Take safety measures to prevent skin damage. We will give you some tips for this.

Following Are The Top 5 Safety Tips For Sun Bathing And Sun Exposure:

Use Sunscreen

Skin damage due to sun exposure can be avoided by applying a sunscreen. Choose a sunscreen with high SPF value. Apply it before going out in the sun and reapply after two hours again. Use it in your home and beach. Use water resistant sunscreens. If you like to take part in water sports, use sunscreen with zinc oxide.

Use Sunscream

Use Sunglasses And Full Clothes

Protect your skin and eyes from sunlight when you go out. Wear sunglasses to prevent problems in eyes. Use glasses with a large frame. Buy sunglasses that have UV protection. Wear clothes with full sleeves. Long pants that cover the legs fully are good.

Use Sunglasses And Full Clothes

Use Cap And Hat

Wear cap or hat to shield the face from sun. The hat should have a wide brim up to three inches. The hat covers ears, eyes and forehead and protects these body parts from sunlight. You can wear a shade cap that covers neck and sides.

Use Cap And Hat

Avoid Hottest Hours

Avoid going out in the sun during the hottest time of the day from ten o clock in morning to 4 o clock in evening. Remain indoors at this time. If you have to go out, seek a shady area like a tree. Use an umbrella.

Avoid Hottest hour

Short Sun Exposure

For a healthy sunbathing, sit in the sun for a short time. Regular sun exposure for a few minutes only will help in getting Vitamin D through sunlight. Avoid sun exposure for too long. Initially, sit in the sun for five minutes daily for one week. Increase this time to ten minutes on the next week and then increase the time to fifteen minutes. Spend maximum twenty to thirty minutes in the sun.

Short Sun Exposure


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