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Top 5 Homemade Traps To Get Rid Of Fruit Flies


You have just got a fancy new basket to hang your bananas and display fruit on the kitchen counter. Of course, the idea is to make it more accessible for your family members, but it also means that you are attracting a lot of fruit flies. Fruit flies truly spoil the feel of eating luscious and fresh fruits and the worst part is that once these flies access your home, they tend to reproduce at a maddening rate. So this means that they are all over the place.

The other thing that you should know about these fruit flies are that they tend to hover over areas that are damp and very moist and even dirty. These include garbage places, disposable bags, sink and other related places where fermentation is a common process. So what do you do for getting rid of these fruit flies. These traps work well but you need to do them a few times to best results and also ensure that you keep the house clean to avoid more advent of the fruit flies.Try out these simple and effectual 4 homemade traps to get rid of fruit flies for good-

1. Apple Cider Vinegar And Funnel

This one is one of the most commonly used traps for getting rid and also trapping fruit flies and this can really help you control the fly invasion. All that you need to do is start off using some apple cider vinegar, which is perfect here because of the fermentation smell that attracts flies. You need to heat the vinegar a bit to make sure that smell is enhanced. Along with the vinegar you will need a small glass jar, funnel and a bit of dish soap. Heat about 1/2 a cup of the apple cider vinegar and then put it in the jar. Your jar should be about 3-8 inches tall so that the flies are able to drown in the same. You also need to add some liquid soap to the jar, about 2-3 drops.

The soap helps in breaking the liquid tension on top and this way the flies won’t be able to go off once they sit on the liquid. Next use a funnel and place it at the mouth of the jar. You can use a tape to seal it in place. What happens here that the flies enter the jar through the funnel to get the fermented vinegar but don’t get out. Once they are caught, dispose off the jar. This should be repeated for a few times, till all of the fruit flies are gone.

Apple Cider Vinegar And Funnel

2. Drunk Trap

This trap is based on the theory of getting the fly drunk and yes it is possible to get them intoxicated. There are a lot of alcohols that flies get attracted too because they are fermented and red wine is perhaps one of their favorites. What you need here is again a jar, made of either glass or plastic, just make sure that the top is wide enough for the flies to go in. Along with this, you will again need an overripe fruit and some red wine vinegar or even some inexpensive red wine. Simply pour the vinegar over the fruit and also leave some at the bottom. Now simply wait for the flies to come and sit in the wine.

As the flies get drunk, they simply keep falling into the wine and then die. Cover it up and dispose off the jar. Again, you can use other forms of alcohol here too like white wine or anything that you have at home. But avoid wasting money on expensive wines, simply use some cheaper versions or even the left over or spoilt ones.

Drunk Trap

3. Plastic Wrap

For this technique too you will be needing some kind of a fermented product to attract the flies along with a glass bowl or even a jar. Remember that the basic theory here is the same to attract the flies into the jar but not letting them get out. You can use cling wrap or even regular plastic here, and make some fly sized holes in them. Remember that dot the holes but don’t make them very wide or else the flies can get out easily. Again once the flies settle into the vinegar or even wine, they are unable to get out. You can put a tape around the bowl or jar to ensure that flies don’t get out. The plastic wrap should not be used in fresh fruit bowls or near the same because they will get attracted to open fruits easily.

Plastic Wrap

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4. Milk, Pepper And Sugar Trap

This trap works very well too and for implementing this idea simply take a pint of milk along with about 200 grams of sugar and a couple of ounces of black pepper. Mix together all the ingredients in a pan or saucepan and then allow it to simmer on low heat for about 15 minutes. Then place them in shallow dishes or bowls and keep them around the house. Fruit flies are attracted to this solution and drown in it and suffocate in the same.

Keep one next to the fruit bowl, one near the window and other in humid and wet areas. For this trap to work well you can also put a couple of drops of liquid soap in the milk mixture. This makes sure that the flies, which are trying to land don’t fly away and get caught in the same.

Milk, Pepper And Sugar Trap

5. Alternative Homemade Repellants

These simply are a bane for nutrition and your health. What happens here is that when you are using chemical based solutions for getting rid of these flies, you are also making the chemicals penetrate through the layers of fruits. Even washing with bio-degradable products won’t work. Also, using these chemicals leaves behind odor and smell, which can pose problems if you have kids around the house. You can use a spray made from lemon grass oil and some water. This keeps fruit flies away, but doesn’t cause any harm. Other alternatives are available here too like tea tree oil or other essential oils, which have a strong aroma but do not cause any harm.

Homemade Repellants



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