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Top 5 Home Remedies For Fainting


Fainting, also known as syncope in technical terms is a transient or temporary loss of consciousness in an individual. This generally occurs due to the abrupt loss of blood flow to the brain. The normal symptoms range from a sudden drop in the blood pressure to sweating, dizziness, blurred vision, fast breathing, confusion and ringing sensation in ears. Some common reasons include fear, nervousness, stress, high blood pressure, low blood sugar, seizures and anemia.Some of the common home remedies that can be adopted to treat a patient who has fainted are:

Top 5 Home Remedies For Fainting:

Posture Change:

When you feel that you may faint or your feel dizzy, just lie down and raise both of your legs. Doing this will increase the blood flow to your brain and will thus prevent fainting. If you are not able to lie down, then keep your head between your knees and try to hold this position until your feel better or normal.

Posture Change

Smelling Salts:

When you feel dizzy and find yourself fainting, take an onion and smell it till tears begin to flow from your eyes, whether you like it or hate it. The ammonia in onion will make your blood vessels dilate and thus will increase the blood supply to your brain. Sandalwood oil will give you the same results. Also, tea tree and eucalyptus does the same. For better results, use a heat compression on your head. This will provide you with immediate results.

Epsom Salt

Nose Drops Using Ghee:

You just have to heat ghee till it melts and let it cool again to a bearable temperature. Put few drop in each nostril and inhale. This also helps in improving blood circulation to the brain.

Nose Drops Using Ghee
Drinking Tea:

Prepare tea using basil, mint and rosemary. Drinking this tea helps a lot to overcome fainting episodes as they have high amounts of anti-inflammatory agents and anti-oxidants.

Drinking Tea

Pulling Ear:

Pulling ear of the person who is about to faint helps in preventing the episode to occur. Just hold the ear pinna and stretch it out downwards and forwards. This regulated the pressure inside your ear and can help in avoiding fainting.

Pulling Ear


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