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Top 4 Beetroot Face Mask For Adding A Glow To The Skin

Beetroot, we all know is must for everybody’s health. Because of its not so sweet or good taste, we all disregard it but the actual power resides inside it. Those who consume it daily have skin so beautiful and health so good. The first thing about beetroot is that you should be consuming one glass of beetroot juice daily. You have other options as well like using it topically. Today, you will be told about the top 4 ways of using beetroot juice on face. Do go through them all.

Here Are The Top 4 Beetroot Face Mask For Adding A Glow To The Skin:

1. Raw Beetroot Juice, Milk Cream, Turmeric, Gram Flour

Grate beetroot and take one teaspoon of raw beetroot juice in a bowl. Add a small pinch of turmeric powder, 2 teaspoon of gram flour and half teaspoon of milk cream in this. Mash these ingredients properly and then apply thoroughly on the face. Leave the paste applied for the following 20 minutes before you finally wash off with lukewarm water giving a final splash of cold water. Follow the same remedy once in every three day and you will find your skin becoming much glowing in the upcoming days.


2. Beetroot Juice And Warm Water

Before applying the beetroot juice, wash your face properly with warm water. Now apply beetroot juice gently with the help of a cotton ball. Let the juice settle there on the face for 20-25 minutes. Finally wash off with lukewarm water.


3. Beetroot And Oatmeal Powder

Do mix 1 teaspoon of oatmeal powder and 2 teaspoon of beetroot juice. Mix well and apply everywhere on your face. Don’t keep it for more than 5-8 minutes. Finally use lukewarm water to rinse it thoroughly.


4. Beetroot Juice, Yoghurt, Lime Juice And Fuller’s Earth

Mix 2 teaspoon of beetroot juice, 1 teaspoon of yoghurt, 1 teaspoon of lime juice and 2 teaspoon of fuller’s earth in a bowl. Add these ingredients well and apply a thick layer on your face. Allow the layer to stay on the face for 15 minutes, you may even wait for the paste to air dry and then take it off. Finally remove the paste by hand first and then use warm water or lukewarm water to wash it off. Don’t forget to give a final splash of cold water. This will keep the blood circulation proper in the skin layer.



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