Top 15 Tips To Grow Long And Healthy Hair


Thick long hair looks very beautiful. It improves looks and personality. Women who have long hair look very pretty. Hair grows very slowly so you need to wait for a long time for having long hair. Hair problems have become very common today. Dandruff, split ends and hair fall are common problems that affect most women. The hair can become damaged due to these problems. Thus, it is important to care for hair and prevent problems. It is possible to get healthy looking hair with proper hair care. We will give some tips for this.

Following Are The Top 15 Tips To Grow Long And Healthy Hair

Don’t Wash Hair Daily

Washing hair is important but don’t wash hair daily. It will remove protective oils from hair so avoid it. You should wash hair every alternate day. Women who have curly hair should wash hair with shampoo one time in seven days.


Apply Oil

Applying oil on hair nourishes it and makes it healthy. Get regular oil treatment for your hair. Apply the oil before you wash it with a shampoo. Leave oil on hair overnight and wash it the next day. Coconut and almond oils are the best oils for hair.

Hair massages oil

Avoid Brushing Wet Hair

Hair breakage is a problem that affects the growth of hair. Don’t brush or comb the hair immediately after having a bath or washing the hair. Combing wet hair can break it. Use fingers to untangle hair and brush it after it is dry.


Potato Water Wash

Potato water contains lot of nutrients. Washing the hair with it makes the hair healthy and beautiful. Soak peeled potato in water for some time or overnight. Use the water for washing hair. You can also mix potato juice with water and use it for rinsing hair. It will increase hair growth.


Castor Oil Massage

Massaging the scalp with castor oil makes the hair healthy. Mix some other oil like coconut oil with it. Massage gently and wash hair with a shampoo after half an hour. It is beneficial to mix some essential oil with castor oil and then use it.

oil massage

Vitamin E Massage

Vitamin E also makes the hair healthy and long. Many hair products like lotions and conditioners contain this nutrient. The vitamin is rich in antioxidants that improve hair growth. Break a Vitamin E capsule and mix the liquid inside with coconut oil. Apply on scalp and do gentle massage.

vitamin e massge

Regular Trimming

Split ends is a common hair problem in which the hair ends split into two parts affecting hair growth. The problem can be managed well by regular trimming of hair at regular intervals. The hair should be trimmed every ten weeks.


Coconut Milk

You can use coconut milk for getting long healthy hair. Apply the milk on scalp. Do gentle massage. After that, you can wash hair using normal water. Coconut milk acts like a natural hair conditioner.

Coconut Milk

Egg Mask

Applying egg mask on hair increases hair growth. Mix some oil like lavender, olive or grapeseed oil with egg. Apply on hair for thirty minutes and then wash the hair using a shampoo. You can also make a hair mask by mixing olive oil with egg yolk. Apply on hair for fifteen minutes and then wash it off.

hair mask

Use Hydrating Hair Products

Dryness of hair is a main problem that causes the hair to become brittle and broken. Use hydrating hair products that help in moisturizing the hair. Use conditioners that contain moisturizer. It will prevent hair breakage and improve hair growth. Use moisturizing hair lotions.


Avoid Styling Gadgets

Too much use of hair styling gadgets like blow dryer, curlers and straighteners can cause hair damage. Use these tools very less or the best option is to avoid it completely. Don’t blow dry the hair daily.


Avoid Harsh Chemicals

Avoid treating the hair with harsh chemicals. Many of us use chemicals for perming and coloring the hair. Avoid doing this. Use hair color that does not contain peroxide. Use henna for coloring the hair naturally. Use natural hair treatments free of chemicals.

avoid chemicals

Avoid Tight Hairstyles

Tight hairstyles or tying the hair tightly causes hair breakage, which stops hair growth. Thus, avoid tying the hair tightly. Make loose ponytail or braid. Don’t pull the hair or it will lead to balding. Avoid twisting the hair tightly.

tight hairstyle

Eat Protein Rich Foods

Protein is an important nutrient that improves health of hair and makes it long and beautiful. Eat foods that contain protein. The best foods that contain this nutrient are beans, pumpkin seeds and dairy foods like milk, yogurt and cheese. Non-vegetarians can eat eggs, lean chicken, tuna and salmon.

Protein Rich Food

Eat Omega Fats Rich Foods

Omega fatty acids are nutrients that improve hair health. It moisturizes the hair and prevents dandruff. Vegetarians can get omega 3 fats from walnuts and flaxseeds while non-vegetarians can eat fatty fishes. You can get Omega 6 fats by eating nuts and seeds. The nutrient is also present in leafy vegetables.

omega rich


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