Top 15 Natural Remedies For Low Thyroid Levels

Top 15 Natural Remedies For Low Thyroid Levels

Thyroid is a small gland present in the middle region of the lower neck. It releases a hormone that influences the functioning of every organ, cell and tissue in the human body. Every cell in the body has thyroid hormone receptors. The body temperature, heart rate, rate of metabolism and production of protein are regulated by the thyroid gland.The major causes of hypothyroidism are iodine and selenium deficiency, radiation and heavy metal exposure toxicity, hormonal balance due to stress, more carbohydrates and less fat in the diet, and intolerance to gluten and A1casein. Hypothyroidism is the low thyroid function. Almost 90 percent of people with hypothyroidism suffer from autoimmune condition termed as Hashimoto’s thyroid. In this case, the immune system will attack the thyroid tissue.

To treat this autoimmune condition, it is necessary to work on the source of hormone imbalance. Simple medication is not going to solve the issue completely from the roots. Changes in the diet are considered as a first line of defense for treating hypothyroidism. This article discusses some of the natural treatments available for thyroid low levels.

Here Are Some Natural Tips For Low Thyroid Levels:

Non-starchy Foods

You should almost stop taking caffeine and sugar along with refined carbohydrates (flour). Non-starchy vegetables are taken more with less focus on the grain-based carbohydrates.

Non-starchy Foods

Increase Protein Intake

Protein is known to transport the thyroid hormone to the tissues. Hence, eating proteins will make the thyroid to function normally. Some of the protein dietary inclusions are nuts, legumes, eggs, organic and grass fed meat. Soya bean is not recommended as it obstructs receptors in the cell and damages the functional loop in the entire endocrine system.


Increase Healthy Fat Intake

Inadequate fats and cholesterol could cause hormonal imbalance including thyroid hormone. Cholesterol is the precursor for all hormonal pathways. Healthy fats include olive oil, coconut oil, coconut milk products, flax seeds, nuts, nut butter, ghee, avocados and full fat cheese free of antibiotics.


Nutrient Intake

Micronutrients and minerals that are essential for the normal functioning of thyroid include iron, vitamin D, selenium, vitamin A and B, iodine, zinc, copper and omega-3-fatty acids. Iodine food sources include sea foods, eggs, asparagus, sesame seeds, mushrooms, garlic, spinach, summer squash, lima beans etc.

Nutrient Intake

Take 100 Percent Gluten-free Diet

The thyroid tissue molecular composition resembles that of gluten. So, eating gluten rich diets by the gluten intolerant individuals can enhance the autoimmune attack of the immune system on the thyroid gland.

Gluten-free Diet


This is substance in foods that disrupt the thyroid functioning. It is available in cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, spinach, millet, kale, peanuts, radishes, peaches, soya beans, turnips etc. These foods can be taken moderately.



It is an antioxidant that empowers the immune system. It helps in fighting the Hashimoto’s thyroid. It helps the body to regulate the immune system, heal the thyroid tissue, diminish autoimmune disorders. Glutathione is produced in the body by taking foods like garlic, spinach, broccoli, asparagus, peaches, avocado, raw eggs and grape fruit.

grape fruit

Probiotic Addition To The Gut

Thyroid functioning can be enhanced by sufficiently growing intestinal bacteria. Supplementing the probiotics to the intestines can elevate thyroid function.


Include Fruits And Vegetables In The Diet

You should eat fresh organic produce of local and seasonal origin. You can maintain good health with frozen fruits and vegetables as well.

Raw Fruits & Vegetables

Meat Intake Is Reduced

Eating meat should be decreased especially red meat. If you eat, then lean meat and skin less poultry. The meat that you take must have been grown without using hormones or antibiotics.

red meat

Intake Of Sufficient Iodine

Iodine is necessary for the proper functioning of thyroid. Iodine can be obtained from salt and red meat. If you have avoided salt added foods for controlling high blood pressure, an iodine supplement can be used. Some of the iodine sources include eggs, yogurt, brownish sea vegetables, milk and seafood and fish.



It is necessary to be engaged in thyroid stimulating workouts that improve thyroid function. Drinking plenty of water will keep your body healthy in general and makes the body to work properly.

Stretching Exercises

Heat Therapy

Sauna and heat application can be followed to eradicate toxins from the body. These toxins might play a role in thyroid dysfunction.

Heat Therapy

Eat Your Own Cooked Foods

Processed foods will have more sugar added into the food item. So, it is better to cook food from scratch and eat instead of opting for processed foods. Processed foods will lose vitamins, minerals and other nutrients.

Own Cooked Foods

Take Enough Time To Rest

Sufficient sleep during the nights will show impact on the thyroid levels. Thyroid gland is sensitive to stress. So, rest and relaxation can help in proper thyroid function.



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