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Top 15 Home Remedies You Can Try That Really Work

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Every one of us suffers from some or the other health problem. People all over the world face the challenge of diseases. Diseases like diabetes, hypertension, arthritis and heart problem are very common today. While some causes of a disease can be controlled and prevented, it is very difficult to control the causes of fatal diseases like cancer. Taking medical treatment is the best approach for treating any disease. However, some home remedies have been found to be equally effective in preventing and treating the health problems affecting people. Don’t ignore a home remedy without trying it once. Some home remedies do work quite well with very good results. We will explain some easy remedies here.

Following Are The Top 15 Home Remedies You Can Try That Really Work

Vodka For Smelly Feet

Smelly feet can be treated with the help of vodka. Dip cloth in vodka and wipe the feet with it. It will help in removing the dirty smell and foul odor from your feet. Alcohol has antiseptic properties and it can kill microorganisms that cause foul odor.


Figs For Constipation

Eating figs helps in curing constipation. Fig is a healthy fruit with laxative properties and it helps in having easy bowel movements. Heat milk, add figs slices and let it boil for some time. Consume the milk along with figs before sleeping in the night. Take it while it is still warm.


Lemon Water For Obesity

It is easy to fight obesity by drinking lemon water. Lemon juice is important for digesting the food we eat. Squeeze lemon in water. For improving its effectiveness, add black pepper powder to the lemon water. Consume the drink after eating food. It will help in weight loss.

Lemon water

Ginger For Cold And Flu

The common problem of cold and flu can be treated with ginger. Add ginger to water and boil for some time. Consume the drink and eat ginger pieces. It will help in curing cough, cold and flu.


Steam Inhalation For Congestion

Steam inhalation helps in curing congested nose and sinuses. Put boiling water in a vessel. Cover the head with a towel. Bend over the vessel and inhale steam arising from it. Adding eucalyptus oil to water will give further relief.


Apple Cider Vinegar For Gout

Pain along with swelling in joints is a symptom of gout. Apple cider vinegar can help in treating this problem. Add water to the vinegar. Consume the whole drink immediately without taking several sips. It will cure gout symptoms.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Lemons For Morning Sickness

Morning sickness is a common problem for pregnant women. This problem can be solved by using lemons. Smelling the lemon helps in giving relief in nausea and nervousness caused by morning sickness. Pregnant women should carry lemon slices with them and smell it during a crisis.


Oatmeal For Eczema

Oatmeal helps in treating skin problems like eczema. Grind oatmeal in a food processor to get its powder. Mix the powder with warm bathwater. Taking bath with this water and soaking the body for minimum fifteen minutes will give relief in eczema. The remedy will also treat skin dryness.


Sugar For Hiccups

Hiccups can be treated quite well with sugar granules. We get hiccups when the diaphragm has continuous contractions. Eat one spoon sugar when you get hiccups. It will calm the nerves and stop diaphragm contractions, which makes the hiccups to end.


Listerine For Blisters

It is possible to cure blisters by using the common mouthwash Listerine. The mouthwash has antiseptic properties, which helps in healing boils and pus filled blisters. Dip cotton in Listerine. Apply on affected areas thrice daily. The blister will become dry due to this.


Cranberry Juice For UTI

Cranberry juice is very effective in treating urinary tract infection or UTI. The juice contains high amounts of acid, which helps in treating infection. Drink cranberry juice without adding extra sugar to it. You can take one glass cranberry juice thrice daily.


Banana For Acidity

Banana is a healthy fruit that can cure acidity. It contains high amounts of potassium, which controls excess acid thus giving relief in the problem of acidity. The fruit improves digestion and increases stomach mucus, which prevents acidity.


Lemon And Potato For Fair Skin

Applying lemon juice or potato juice on face helps in bleaching the skin. It will give you fair and light colored skin. This remedy will also help in treating blemishes.


Onion For Earache

Earache is an irritating problem for many people especially the kids. Onion can help in curing this problem. Extract juice from boiled onions. Put the juice in ear while it is still lukewarm. It will help in curing infection in ear canal. Use only two drops juice at a time.Onion

Salt Water For Sore Throat

Salt water gargling is an old and tested remedy for treating the problem of sore throat. You should do gargling with salt water. Ensure that the water you use is warm and not cold. This remedy will help in curing throat pain and swelling.

Salt Water


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