Top 15 Health Tips For Lazy People


Staying healthy with a good diet and doing exercise helps in preventing many types of diseases. We can lead a happy and productive life only when we are healthy and disease free. A large number of people fall sick with some or the other health problem. We all know that we should eat healthy foods and do exercise daily. However, some people don’t have time for this. Most of us are too lazy to take efforts to improve our health. Becoming lazy is not good for you. It can spoil your health and lead to major health problems.We will give some health tips for the lazy ones.

Following Are The Top Health Tips For Lazy People.

Drink Fluids

Taking fluids is very important for health. It helps in preventing dehydration. Increase the intake of water. Drink at least 8 glasses of water daily. Drink fruit juice, vegetable juice, vegetable soup and chicken soup.


Drink Green Tea, Herbal Tea

Instead of drinking black tea, you should take green tea. It contains antioxidants that prevent many diseases. Drinking green tea and herbal tea is good for health. Make the tea by steeping green tea or herbs in boiling water for ten minutes. Strain and drink. green tea

Green Tea

Wash Hands

Poor hygiene and dirty hands is the main cause of infectious diseases caused by microorganisms. It is easy to prevent bacteria and virus by washing hands with soap. Wash hands before eating and cooking food. Wash hands after using the toilet.

Hand Washing

Eat Frozen Foods

Eating fresh fruits and vegetables is very good for health. Some people are very lazy in buying and cooking fresh foods. Eating frozen fruits and vegetables is the best option. Freeze berries and eat it with oatmeal. Make tasty soups and other dishes with frozen vegetables.


Eat Homemade Food

Eating readymade meals is not good for health. Avoid eating at restaurants and food shops. Avoid processed, packaged and canned foods. It is very healthy to eat home cooked foods. Prepare some simple dishes at home. Prepare food in large amounts and freeze for later use.


Prepare Healthy Snacks

People who go to office need some quick and healthy snacks that they can carry with them. Sunday is the best day when you can prepare some easy low calorie snacks that you can carry. Prepare snacks for the whole week on Sundays.


Control Portion Size

Taking food in large amounts is the main cause of obesity. Control the food portion size. Eat food in small portions. Just reduce the amount of food you take at one time. Use smaller plates and bowls for eating food.


Eat Protein Foods

Protein is an important nutrient for repairing the damaged muscles. Eating protein rich foods helps in improving the health. Eat protein foods thirty minutes after finishing exercises.


Get Sun Exposure

We need some amount of sun exposure daily for getting Vitamin D, an important nutrient for our bones. Sit in the sunlight in early morning hours. Open the windows of your room so that sunlight can come inside.

sun exposure

Use Sunscreen

Too much sun exposure is the main cause of many skin problems. Apply good quality high SPF sunscreen half an hour before going out. Apply sunscreen on face, neck, ear and hands. It will help in preventing skin cancer.


Daily Exercise

Despite knowing the importance of exercises, many people don’t want to do it simply because they are very lazy and don’t want to do hard work. Make a daily routine of half an hour of exercise at least five days per week. Walking, cycling and swimming are some easy exercises. Climb stairs instead of using a lift at office and market.


Exercise With TV

Many of us don’t find enough time to do exercise due to the busy work schedules and deadlines. It is not necessary to keep a separate time for exercise. You can do some easy exercises while watching television. Do sit-ups and pushups while enjoying your favorite shows. Take a short walk inside the house during intervals.



Dancing is another fun way to get some exercise. It does not involve any hard work. Play some nice music and dance to its tune. Dancing is a very good weight loss exercise that helps in burning calories without strain and stress. Dancing with friends is also good.


Get a Pet

Adopt a pet at home. Playing and walking with a dog helps in improving health, as you have to take the dog for walks every day. It gives you exercise without any effort. People who have pets stay healthy. It helps in preventing physical and mental problems. It cures stress and hypertension also.


Sleep Well

A good sleep helps in relaxing the body and curing tiredness. Lack of sleep and insomnia can cause major health problems. A deep sleep for 8 hours daily is necessary for every person. It helps in improving health.

Sleep well


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