Top 15 Health Benefits Of Avocado


Avocado contains many essential nutrients that are good for the health. It is a fruit with creamy texture. The Mexican dip called guacamole is made with avocado. The fruit contains the good monounsaturated fat, which helps in decreasing bad cholesterol. It contains high amount of vitamins, minerals and protein. Avocado contains very less amount of sugar. The fruit helps in decreasing triglyceride levels. Avocado contains Vitamin E, folate, potassium and phytosterols and all these nutrients help in making the heart healthy. The fruit helps in decreasing weight, so it is very good for obese people. It also contains phytochemicals, which help in preventing cancer. The top 15 health benefits of avocados are as follows.

Healthonlinezine –  Top 15 Health Benefits Of Avocado


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