Top 15 Benefits Of Using Rosemary


Rosemary is an herbaceous plant with an ancient mythological significance attached to it. There are many popular stories attached to its use by the people in olden times. The plant derived its name on the same lines from an old fork lore which preludes that Virgin Mary, while resting on some flowers in a meadow unknowingly let her blue robe rest on the rosemary flowers which tuned blue with her miraculous presence. Thus, the shrub came to be known as “Rose of Mary” .Rosemary is revered for its uncountable uses in culinary, health care and aesthetics. It belongs to the mint family and is thus, understandably used for its aromatic fragrance in numerous ways.

Top 15 Benefits Of Using Rosemary:

A popular Mediterranean Cuisine

Rosemary has immense benefits in regulating the digestive secretions and maintaining an optimum pH inside the body fluids. The Italians are so fond of the herb’s strong fragrance that they use it for preparing innumerable dishes that are highly nutritious and healthy.Rosemary leaves are combined in various combinations with breads, garlic, potatoes, lambs etc. as a constituent of extremely delicious recipes that satisfy the taste buds and keep digestive problems at bay.

Rosemary For Positive Energy

Rosemary, we all know, is widely popular for its aromatic oils that keep germs and pests at bay.Rosemary fragrance stimulates the brain centers that elevate mood and help to protect you from all kinds of negativities that may hamper your professional and personal life.

Rosemary For Positive Energy

Great Natural Preservative

Recent researches are suggestive of a possible use of Rosemary extracts as a natural additive in food products that imparts a superb aroma, natural coloration and great anti-microbial and antioxidant properties.Rosemary herbal extracts have shown a wide spectrum of anti-bacterial properties against both Gram negative and gram positive bacteria’s.

Strengthens Relationships

Popularly known as an “herb of remembrance”, rosemary has been believed to strengthen emotional ties and instill faithfulness and lasting trust when exchanged with loved ones. Growing rosemary at home, in your kitchen garden can be tested for a similar impact on your family ties and values.

Best Antioxidant Source

We need anti –oxidants to protect our body from the daily wear and tear and to neutralize the large number of free radicals in the body that lead to premature –ageing.Rosemary is one such herb that gives tremendous competition to all kinds of super foods available in the market today.


Improves Alertness And Memory

Rosemary has been studied for its effects in calming the mind and improving memory in people of all ages. Regular use of dried rosemary leaf powder helps improve concentration and mental alertness.It is also a great natural mood elevator and enhances cognitive function as well.

Sharpen Memory, Better Focus

A Great Digestive Tonic

Rosemary can be used as a great digestive tonic as it can be effectively used to relax colicky pains in the abdomen by working as an anti –spasmodic. It has a protective response towards the liver and regularizes secretion of digestive enzymes.

Helps In Quicker Digestion

Provides Relief In Asthma

Rosemary extracts have anti –spasmodic properties which help to relax bronchial spasms in Asthmatics. It can effectively delay an attack and improve breathing in these cases.


Promotes Hair Growth

Rosemary oil promotes hair growth and has been used since, ancient times to treat baldness.It can be especially helpful in promoting hair growth in male pattern baldness which occurs under the influence of Testosterone hormone.

Hair growth

Amazing Anti –Microbial Properties

Rosemary shows strong anti –bacterial properties against many bacteria e.g. Streptococcal, Staphylococcal, Escherichia. Coli, Pseudomonas etc.It also has anti –fungal activity against Aspergillus species of fungi.

Anti – Cancer Properties

Rosemary extracts have known to contain many anti –cancer compounds like rosmarinic acid, ursolic acid etc. It may also reduce chances of developing melanomas, leukemia’s etc.

Reduces cancer risk

Suppresses Inflammation

Rosemary extracts have been known to show very effective control over the histamines and leukotriene that are released as an immune response to produce inflammation anywhere inside the body.

Reduces inflammation

Relieves Pain

Rosemary has an amazing combination of both anti –inflammatory and pain relieving (analgesic) properties. It helps to control the pain in muscles, abdominal cramps, headache and arthritis.Rosemary oil can be especially used to control pain in rheumatoid arthritis patients as it acts as a good immunomodulator as well.

Relieves pain

Natural Dietary Fiber

It is a natural source of dietary fibers that are low in calorie and thus, help to control weight gain issues. It keeps the bowel in ship shape and effectively meets body’s dietary fiber requirement.

Storehouse Of Vitamins

Rosemary extracts, be it fresh or dry (whole plant) are immensely rich in vitamins especially vitamin A, C and vitamin B – complex.Besides, it is also rich in minerals like Iron, Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Copper and Manganese.



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