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Top 12 Herbs For Insomnia That Guarantee Better Sleep

Herbs For Insomnia That Guarantee Better Sleep

Insomnia is a type of sleep disorder in which the person either experiences difficulty in falling asleep and once asleep his or her sleep gets interrupted too often. Waking up too often during the night and feeling tired after waking up are also symptoms of insomnia. Insomnia directly affects nervous system, cardiovascular system, the brain, immune system and metabolic functions. Two types of insomnia are – primary (in which sleep disorders are not caused by underlying health condition) and secondary (in which insomnia is the result of certain diseases like asthma, depression, etc. and the medications you are taking. Moreover, two other types of insomnia also exist namely acute and chronic. While acute insomnia is caused by significant life changes, emotional discomfort, environmental factors, etc. chronic insomnia is caused by chronic stress, depression and anxiety. Insomnia can be tackled effectively with the help of herbs. Here are some of the best herbs that control symptoms of insomnia.

Top 12 Herbs For Insomnia That Guarantee Better Sleep


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