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Top 11 Homemade Beauty Products


Beautiful skin is an asset and it helps in improving our looks and external appearance. Women like to improve their beauty with the help of cosmetics and beauty products. Products bought from market contain harmful chemicals that damage the skin. They can cause several types of skin disorders. Therefore, readymade beauty products are not safe for you. You should avoid using them. The best option is to use homemade products made with common kitchen ingredients found in home. Home remedies and products for beauty are safe for skin and don’t cause any harm. We will tell you about some inexpensive beauty products that are prepared at home.

Following Are The Top 11 Homemade Beauty Products

Coconut Oil Moisturizer

Coconut oil helps in moisturizing the skin. Apply it on the skin like a lotion. Buy expeller pressed oil from the market. It is available at an inexpensive price. Buy in small or bulk quantity.

Coconut Oil

Almond Oil Face Mask

Make a homemade face mask by adding one egg to almond oil. To this, you should add cooked oatmeal. Make a smooth mixture by mixing all ingredients well. Apply on face for fifteen minutes. Wash the face and remove the mask.face pack

Cinnamon For Clogged Pores

Cinnamon helps in opening clogged skin pores. It removes skin impurities due to its antiseptic properties. Mix olive oil to cinnamon powder. To this, add some white sugar and grated ginger. Apply on face with a massaging movement. Rub the mixture with circular movements. Wash the face with water.


Yogurt Face Mask

Make a natural homemade face mask by blending yogurt along with some berries. Mix well and apply on face like a mask. Wash the face after some time. The skin will become glowing, beautiful and blemish free. The mask protects the skin from free radical damage.


Beeswax Lip Gloss

Homemade lip gloss can be made by mixing melted beeswax with castor oil, Vitamin E oil and glycerin. Add some other oils like coconut, jojoba and essential oils. Cook the oils together and transform into solid state by placing over iced water.


Coffee Powder Body Scrub

Make a homemade body scrub with brown sugar by adding honey, lemon juice and coffee powder and olive oil to it. Add little amount of essential oil. Mix well and add cinnamon powder, vanilla extract. Put in a container and use as a body scrub.


Cocoa Butter Face Cream

Cocoa butter with chocolate scent can be used as a face cream after mixing it with lotions and creams. Apply cocoa butter on face and see the skin glow. You can use it along with mint.


Mayonnaise Hair Conditioner

Hair conditioner can be made very easily at home by adding honey to egg. To this, you should add mayonnaise. Mix well and apply on hair like a conditioner after washing hair with a shampoo.


Avocado Hair Conditioner

You can also make a hair conditioner with avocado. Mix honey and egg yolk to halved mashed avocado. To this, you should add little amount of olive oil. Mix all ingredients well. Apply on hair ends like a conditioner for fifteen minutes. Wash hair. Apply shampoo and wash hair with water. Wash again with plain water.


Activated Charcoal Eyeliner

You can make homemade eyeliner by adding water to activated charcoal. Mix the water drop by drop till the mixture turns into solid state. Fill in a tin or container and use it as eyeliner.


Olive Oil Makeup Remover

Olive oil can be used as a natural makeup remover. Use extra virgin variety of the oil. Use it at night for removing makeup traces on face and eyes. You can apply the oil on skin as a moisturizer also. It cures dark spots and patches on elbows and feet.

makeup remover


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