Top 10 Tips To Reduce Asthma Attacks


Asthma is basically a state where there is an obstruction present in the passage of air to lungs. Further it results in a number of disorders like shortness of breath, coughing and wheezing. This disease is common among all age groups.However there is no cure for asthma, the only way to reduce the effect is to identify and limit the exposure to triggers. Some common triggers include smoke, allergies, cold, respiratory disease and heartburn.

Here Is The List Of Top Ten Tips To Reduce Asthma Attacks

Maintain A Healthy Diet

Not only for asthma but a healthy diet is important for everyone. A diet with magnesium, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin A, vitamin C and beta carotene is the best diet for those having asthma.Many other healthy eatables that must be included are organic and fresh food and vegetables, ginger, turmeric, milk and dairy products and try to avoid fatty and heavy foods.


Stay Away From Pets

Having pets around can trigger an asthma attack in the person who is allergic to them. Fur, particles of hairs, pet dander and saliva are the main agents the causes asthma episode in a person.Make sure not to allow pets in your bedroom and bath them regularly, avoid children with asthma to play with them and avoid contact of pet on any furniture.


Limit Exposure To Dust

Dust is the main trigger that causes sudden asthma attack. Person suffering from asthma must take strict care about dust effects.Carpets and floor must be cleaned regularly and beddings must be washed in hot water regularly.


Avoid Stress

Regular stress causes breathe to get faster and shallow. This in turn causes a severe asthma attack since the path of the air to the lungs gets constrictions. A person having stress unknowingly lowers his immune system and gets prone to severe asthma attacks and further infections.Regular exercises and yoga can help avoiding stress.


Remove Carpet And Stuffed Toys From Bedroom

Carpets and stuffed toys present in the bedroom often catches dust particles and store them for long. These particles spread in the room when air blows in the room which causes asthma attacks.These toys and carpets must be vacuumed or must be washed in hot water.


Avoid Humidity

Air quality must be maintained at a good level so as to prevent asthma attacks. Poor air quality, extreme hot and humid weather becomes the severe symptoms for many people.Avoid living in a polluted area and try to spend much time in open and clean environment. Air conditioner must be used to avoid high humidity in the room.


Stay Away From Smoke

Smoke is one of the most serious trigger for the asthma patients. Smoke of any king triggers your lungs. Also wheezing and squeezing becomes much severe when exposed to smoke.Make sure to stay away from the one who smoke regularly. Smoking

Kill All The Cockroaches

Cockroaches cause the asthma attacks and the allergies. They cause wheezing and coughing in babies.Avoid splitting food of floor to stop them.

Kill Cockroaches

Prevent Mold

Mold is the allergy causing elements that gather on bath items and damp areas and causes infection. Clean prone areas to avoid their growth.


Exercise Properly

Exercises are the most important factors for good health.But they must be done properly to avoid over exertion.



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