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Top 10 Tips For Makeup To Last Longer On Oily Skin


Women use a lot of cosmetics and makeup products to enhance their beauty and looks. It helps in improving the external appearance of our skin. However, you need to choose the makeup products wisely. Not all types of cosmetics are suitable for everyone. Women should choose the makeup products according to their skin types. While it is easy to use makeup on normal and dry skin types, it is difficult to choose makeup for oily skin. Oily skin has excess oil production due to which it looks greasy and shiny. The makeup wears away very soon in this type of skin. This is the reason why women with oily skin try to avoid makeup. We will give some tips for long lasting makeup on oily skin.

Following Are The Top 10 Tips For Makeup To Last Longer On Oily Skin

Use Cleanser And Toner

It is important to use a good quality cleanser and toner for preventing excessive oiliness in the skin. The pores of our skin become blocked with dust, dirt and oil. Clean the face with a cleanser and unclog the pores. Use a toner after cleansing. It will close skin pores and prevent acne.


Use Moisturizer

Using a moisturizer is important even for oily skin. It helps in hydrating the skin and stops the skin from becoming dehydrated. Women who have oily skin should apply heavy moisturizer before sleeping at night. Use a mattifying product during the day. Don’t use an oily moisturizer at daytime.


Use Primer

Makeup should not be applied directly on oily skin. It will wear away easily if you do this. Instead of that, apply a base of primer before using any other cosmetic. The T-zone of our face has the maximum oil. Apply the primer especially on this area after washing the face. Choose oil free primer.


Use Liquid Powder Foundation

Foundation is used after cleansing the face and before applying the makeup. Use liquid powder foundations on oily skin. It blends very nicely on the skin and stays for a long time without being washed away with excess skin oil.


Use Face Powder

Makeup can be made long lasting on oily skin by using loose face powder. It helps the makeup to stay and not wear away. Choose lightweight translucent powder. Apply the powder several times on oily areas. Use a brush for applying the powder.


Use Powder Eye Shadows And Blush

Eye shadows are important eye makeup products that make us look very beautiful. Avoid using cream eye shadows. You should always use powder eye shadows. Similarly, instead of using a cream blush, you should use powder blush for giving a rosy hue to your cheeks.


Use Waterproof Mascara

Mascara is another eye makeup product for making the eyes look beautiful. Buy waterproof mascara from the market and use it. It will not get removed with sweat and heat.


Use Blotting Paper

Sometimes, even after taking a lot of care, the skin becomes oily by afternoon time. The best way to solve this problem is carrying blotting paper in the purse when you go out. Apply the paper on your face over the makeup and try to remove the excess oil from your skin.


Apply Powder On Lips  

Apply lip-liner on the edges of lips before you apply the lipstick. Apply powder on lips before using the lipstick. Application of loose powder helps in making the lipstick long lasting. Choose a high quality lipstick.


Don’t Touch the Face

Touching the face with fingers at frequent intervals spoils the makeup on oily skin. The face becomes dirty by the oil and dirt of our hands. It can also cause acne. Thus, avoid doing this. Don’t touch the face with your hands.



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