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Top 10 Super Foods For Fighting Common Cold

Super Foods For Fighting Common Cold

There are more than 200 viruses that can cause common cold. Common cold is highly contagious and spreads mostly through coughing and sneezing. Other symptoms can be stuffy nose, sore throat, swelling in the sinus, headache and fever. If neglected, common cold can send you to hospital with pneumonia, an asthma attack or ear infection. There is no known cure for common cold. Over-the-counter cold and flu medicine do not always work. The best way to ward off common cold, that is so bothering that it decreases your productivity and make you feel weak, is to strengthen your immune system. Certain super foods can boost your immune system very well and help fight and prevent common cold. These super foods contain vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that make the body strong enough to fight off infection. Here are top 10 foods that can help to fight common cold and stay healthy.

Top 10 Super Foods For Fighting Common Cold


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