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Top 10 Home Remedies For Diverticular Disease And Diverticulitis


Formation of pouch like structure in intestine is a health condition known as diverticular disease. Further, if there is infection and inflammation in these pouches, it worsens the condition of patient. The affected person has a lot of pain due to this. The main cause of this health problem is taking a diet lacking in fiber. Our body needs fiber for easy passage of stools in intestine. When the diet lacks fiber, the stools can’t pass move easily in intestine. Pressure and force for the stools movement causes pouch formation and there is risk of bacterial growth in this area. The patient has fever, constipation, vomiting, bloating and decreased hunger. Home remedies can give relief in this condition. We will explain some easy remedies here.

Following Are The Top 10 Home Remedies For Diverticular Disease And Diverticulitis.

Drink Fluids

Drinking fluids is important for preventing constipation. It helps in easy passage of stools in the intestine. Increase the intake of fluids like water, fruit juice, vegetable juice and soups. You can do fasting for three days. Drink only fluid during this time. Start taking solid foods slowly after this.


Lemon Drink

Taking lemon drink is an easy treatment for diverticular disease. Take one lemon and extract its juice by squeezing it. Mix it in warm water and drink it. If you don’t like bland drink, mix little salt and honey for improving the taste of the lemon water. Consume the drink after you wake up in morning before eating anything.

Lemon water


Eating garlic is very useful for preventing and curing intestine infection caused by diverticular disease. It has antiseptic properties, which helps in treating infection. Take one garlic clove thrice daily. Add it to foods you cook. Add garlic while cooking soup, vegetable and salads.


Heat Application

Stomach pain is a common problem for people who suffer from diverticular disease. The problem can be controlled by applying heat on the stomach region. Apply heat with the help of heating pad. The heat should be of low intensity. It will cure pain and cramps.


Fibrous Foods

It is easy to prevent diverticular disease by taking a healthy diet. Include fibrous foods in your diet. Eat fruits and vegetables that contain fiber. Lack of fiber worsens the problem so taking fiber rich foods can give relief. It will also help in preventing constipation.

Fibrous Foods

Avoid Fatty Foods, Red Meat

Some foods increase the risk of diverticular disease. It is best to avoid foods that worsen the condition of patients. Fatty foods are the biggest reasons of this health problem. Also, people who eat red meat can have diverticular disease. Thus, you should avoid fatty foods and red meat.


Aloe Vera

Aloe vera helps in curing diverticular disease naturally. Drinking aloe juice provides a lot of relief in the symptoms of this health problem. Take the drink thrice daily. Aloe juice helps in easy bowel movements due to laxative properties. The juice helps in curing swelling and inflammation in the intestine.

Aloe Vera


Papaya is a very healthy fruit for treating diverticular disease. The fruit contains nutrients and ingredients that help in healing the intestine. It helps in having easy bowel movements. Take ripe papaya and consume it after removing its seeds. Drink papaya juice after adding honey to it.


Fatty Fishes

Eat fatty fishes to control and prevent diverticular disease. The fish contains omega 3 fats, which have anti-inflammatory properties. Thus, the fish helps in curing intestine inflammation. It can heal the intestine and prevent colon cancer.

Fatty fish

Regular Exercise

Exercise is important for our health. It helps in having easy bowel movements. Physical activity helps in preventing constipation. It makes us intestine healthy and prevents formation of pressure in it. Regular exercise for half an hour daily is necessary for everyone.

Regular Exercise


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