Top 10 Facts About Cellulite You Must Know


The deposits of fat below the skin are known as cellulite. It is a major beauty problem for women. Cellulite is formed when there is expansion in fat cells due to stretching of collagen fibers in the skin. Many people think that fat is the same as cellulite. This is a wrong belief. The fact is that fat pockets forming bumps below the skin leads to cellulite formation. It causes dimple formation. Knowing more about cellulite will help in fighting this problem. We will give you information about cellulite so that you know the facts about it.

Following are the top 10 facts about cellulite you must know.

OTC Products Can Help

Over the counter products or OTC are very helpful in treating the problem of cellulite. Creams that contain caffeine improve blood circulation. It can control fat cells quite well. Retinol OTC products help in cell recovery. Use a cellulite product that contains ginkgo biloba. It oxidizes the fat and improves blood circulation in affected body parts.

otc products

Caused By Sun Exposure

Sun exposure not only causes skin problems but it can lead to cellulite formation also. The sun rays harm the collagen of skin, which worsens the cellulite problem. Thus, it is important to apply sunscreen on exposed body parts or it can cause cellulite.

sun exposure

Caused By Hormonal Problems

Hormone problems can cause and increase the problem of cellulite. Women who take birth control pills are likely to have hormonal changes that cause cellulite. The problem can also occur due to hormonal changes occurring after childbirth.

hormonal problem

Affects Women More

Women are affected by cellulite more than men. Cellulite in women is visible due to parallel arrangement of collagen. Cellulite in men doesn’t cause dimples as the collagen has an X-shape arrangement. Thus, cellulite is a big problem for women. It is not visible in men.

Weight Loss Not Helpful Always 

Many women think that losing weight can cure cellulite. Controlling the weight with diet does help in improving the cellulite. It reduces the dimples caused by fat. However, large amounts of weight loss can worsen the problem in some women. It makes skin loose and causes further problems.

Reducing Weight

Diet Can Help

Although diet does not have any direct connection to cellulite, taking a healthy balanced diet does help in controlling the body weight and it controls cellulite indirectly. A vegetarian diet reduces inflammation in the body. Drink water to hydrate the body. Foods with water like cucumber and tomato help in slimming down and reducing cellulite.

dietBrushing And Massage Helps

Brushing and scrubbing the body increases blood circulation, which is likely to cure cellulite deposits. Stroke the body towards the heart. Massage the thighs and other body parts affected by cellulite. You should do this regularly. It will help in busting the fat and removing cellulite.


Caused By Genetic Reasons

Genetics has a big role to play in formation of cellulite. It has been found that women who have cellulite are likely to pass this tendency to their daughters too. This, cellulite can have genetic reasons.


Exercise Does Help

It is possible to get rid of cellulite by doing physical exercise. Interval training has been found to be very effective in this problem. It helps in toning muscles and producing sweat and burning the stubborn fat deposits. Yoga exercises can also help in treating cellulite. Increase physical activities and avoid a sedentary lifestyle. Don’t sit at a desk continuously for a long time.


Medical Treatment Possible

Medical treatment with laser and radiofrequency treatment is quite effective at treating cellulite at its roots. You can get these treatments done by a plastic surgeon. The effects of these treatments are valid for six months.



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