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Top 10 Excellent DIY Home Remedies For Yellow Teeth

DIY Home Remedies For Yellow Teeth

Nothing greets your acquaintances better than a wide smile but yellowness may interfere your friendliness. A set of shining white teeth is everyone’s dream but very few get to fulfill it. As we grow older, our teeth start becoming yellow partially because of our food habits for example too much caffeine and sometimes because of other factors. Most common causes of yellow teeth are aging, tobacco, tea, caffeine, cigarette, poor dental hygiene and hereditary factors. Sometimes antibiotics, infections, poor metabolism and climate also make your teeth yellow. Although the market is flooded with teeth whitening products, it is always better to stick to natural alternatives as they have no side effects. Here are some of the best DIY home remedies for yellow teeth.

Top 10 Excellent DIY Home Remedies for Yellow Teeth


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