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Top 10 Easy Home Remedies For Anxiety

Home Remedies For Anxiety

Anxiety disorder has gained epidemic heights in today’s mechanical world. Everybody experiences anxiety some time or the other in life. These thoughts are but normal when faced with certain situations like a problem that needs an immediate solution or an important decision that requires immediate consideration.

However, continual feelings of anxiousness leads to a problem of higher magnitude called anxiety disorder. It is then that we experience panic attacks, obsessive compulsive behavior, phobias, insomnia, muscle tension and many more. Therefore, our endeavor should be not to let things go out of hand. The onerous effects of prescription medications make them unsuitable for the treatment of anxiety. Moreover, there is no immediate cure for anxiety.  Fortunately for us there are certain remedies that can help to manage anxiety from the comforts of home.

Home Remedies For Anxiety

1. Almonds

Worry is an integral part of anxiety. The very first thing that an anxious mind needs is relaxation and the best way to get that is by consuming almonds. Soften the almonds by soaking them in water overnight. Peel off the skins and blend them with one cup of milk, a little ginger and a pinch of nutmeg. This should be consumed at night before going to bed as it relaxes the mind and enhances sleep.


2. Sesame Oil

Extreme anxiety can lead to muscle tension which is undoubtedly very deterring. A whole body massage with warm sesame oil is just what you might be looking for as it helps to relax tensed muscles. Warm six ounces of sesame oil and rub it all over the body taking care to include the scalp and the bottom of the feet too. The best time to use this massage is before the morning bath and at night just before bed time. The soothing effects of sesame oil prepare you for an entire day’s activities and also helps in getting good night’s sleep.

Sesame Oil

3. Orange

Worry as we know is not just a “feeling” but a complex neurological process. Anxiety or anxiety disorder is the outcome of too much worrying. Therefore, suitable steps are necessary to keep our worries under control. The citrusy aroma of orange is said to be a great anxiety buster. The most beneficial part of the orange is the peel. Simply boil the orange peels in a small bowl filled with water or create a potpourri of orange peels. The beautiful fragrance that emanates from the orange peel oils has a calming effect on the mind that makes you forget your worries.


4. Lemon, ginger and honey

A concoction of 2 teaspoons each of lemon juice and ground ginger and half a teaspoon of honey consumed thrice every day gives relief from problems associated with anxiety. This very simple home remedy does a balancing act by intensifying energy in the digestive system on one hand and lowering the extra energy in the mind on the other. Moreover, lemon juice, ginger and honey have their own individual benefits that contribute to the elimination of anxiety. For instance lemon juice lowers blood pressure, ginger soothes the stomach and honey controls the blood sugar levels, all of which tends to get destabilized due to excessive worry.

Lemon, ginger and honey

5. Lemon balm

Lemon balm frequently used in the Mediterranean is an herb that can be used for the treatment of anxiety. From as early as 300 B.C. the medicinal properties of lemon balm have been extensively utilized for curing issues arising due to anxiety and depression. The middle Ages have seen lemon balm being employed to de-stress the mind and get relief from anxiety and sleep disorders. Recent studies have proved that 600 mgs of lemon balm on a regular basis helps in the upliftment of mood and the soothing effect of this herb enhances the functioning of the brain. The best way to consume it is in the form of tea. A certain calm and tranquility descends upon you the moment you drink lemon balm tea.

Lemon balm

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6. Deep breathing exercise

Doing deep breathing exercise on a regular basis helps stalling all those irrelevant and irrational thought processes that causes anxiety. Those prone to continuous negative thoughts must carry a balloon to enhance breathing. Frequent blowing on a balloon exercises the heart and lung muscles while assisting in breathing from the diaphragm. Long, slow breaths normalize blood pressure and heart rate thus increasing oxygen circulation which is an absolute necessity for a stable mind.


7. Take A Relaxing Bath

Apart from causing disruptions in your normal life symptoms of anxiety can be tremendously self deteriorating both physically and mentally. Warm water passing over the body provides a certain degree of relaxation that proves to be extremely beneficial when anxious. Therefore, make sure to take a warm bath for an hour every alternate day as it provides sure shot relief from physical pains and aches that are common repercussions of anxiety.


8. Divert your mind

This may not be a full on cure for anxiety but diverting the mind from worrying thoughts can prove to be a positive distraction for those gripped with anxiety disorder. Thus activities like reading the newspaper or maybe a novel, surfing through channels in the television and watching programs that make you laugh, chatting with your friends or even concentrating on a particular task can create distraction from nagging thoughts that could be the primary cause of your anxiety.


9. Chamomile

Being a mild sedative chamomile is one such herb that can be effectively used to treat mild to moderate levels of anxiety. Nervousness due to anxiety or stress occurring in both mind and stomach can be reduced substantially by consuming chamomile. This herb is also linked to reduce stress related loss of appetite and headaches. Research conducted recently at the University of Pennsylvania has ample proof to testify the fact that 220 to 1100 mg of chamomile extracts on a daily basis is much more effective than placebos.


10. Celery

Deficiencies of potassium and folic acid could cause nervousness which is a primary symptom of anxiety disorder. Consuming two cups of celery or onions or a combination of both celery and onions continuously for two to three weeks can prove to be beneficial.




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