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Top 10 Cheap Home Remedies For Dark Circles


Dark circles can ruin your beauty and make you look much older than your years. The good news is dark circles can be reduced and removed without spending a fortune. Given below are top 10 cheap home remedies for dark circles

Top 10 Cheap Home Remedies For Dark Circles


Yes! Water is the wonder drink that removes dark circles. One of the prime reasons for dark circles under the eyes is dehydration. It is important for you to drink 8-10 glasses of water daily to keep the dark circles at bay.


Rose Water

Soak cotton balls in rose water and apply daily to your dark circles. The rose water should be placed on closed eyes for 15 minutes. Rose water has relaxing and rejuvenating properties to help you remove darkness from under your eyes.


Potato Slices

Potato slices can be placed on your eyes to remove dark circles. You should keep the slice on top of your closed eyes for 15 minutes daily. Potatoes have a cooling effect on your eyes and this is why they are an ideal source for getting rid of dark circles effectively.


Regular Sleep

Sleep deprivation also results in dark circles. Experts recommend at least 6-8 hours of sleep daily. Regular sleep also enhances the beauty of your skin.


Cucumber And Lemon Juice

The mixture of cucumber and lemon juice works well for treating dark circles under the eyes. Lemon juice has Vitamin C that helps you in the treatment of damaged capillaries. The juice of both cucumber and lemon should be mixed well and applied on closed eyes for at least 10 minutes.


Green Tea Bags

Green tea bags are effective for treating dark circles under the eyes. Green tea is a rich source of antioxidants and the presence of catechins and polyphenols in its ingredients ensures that dark circles are eradicated from your eyes in no time. You should place cold tea bags on closed eyes for at least 15 minutes daily to get the best results.


Vitamin K

The deficiency of vitamin K also leads to dark circles under your eyes. Like vitamin C, Vitamin K also has the ability to treat damaged capillaries under the eyes. Regular intake of Vitamin K will promote blood circulation and remove ugly dark circles in no time. You will find the presence of Vitamin K in cabbage, sprouts and kiwi.


Honey And Almond Oil

A mixture of honey and almond oil is also effective for removing dark circles under the eyes. Almond oil has unique exfoliating properties to activate the cells. It tightens the skin around the eyes and removes dark circles. For getting rid of dark circles, you have to mix both almond and honey in equal proportions. The mixture should be applied on closed eyes for 10 minutes.


Turmeric Powder And Pineapple Juice

Turmeric powder has a unique property called curcumin. This ingredient is able to treat the damage caused by free radicals around the eyes. You can apply a paste of turmeric powder mixed with pineapple juice and apply it on closed eyes for 10 minutes daily.



Mint is rich in antioxidants due to the active presence of flavonoids. They treat damage caused by free radicals to the eyes. For getting rid of dark circles, you should crush fresh mint leaves and apply them on closed eyes.


Therefore, if you are tired of seeing dark circles under your eyes, try out these top 10 cheap home remedies. With regular application of any one of them, you will bid adieu to dark circles forever- all the best!


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