The Miracle Health Benefits of Chia Seeds

Over past few years, doctors and fitness experts have been actively promoting the benefits of chia seeds. Though small in size, these seeds can be described as ‘nutritional powerhouses’. The reason is that chia seeds are rich in fiber and omega-3 fatty acids, which promote positive health. More specifically, they reduce blood sugar and cholesterol, help in digestion and boost energy.

The Miracle Health Benefits of Chia Seeds

Another reason why chia seeds have become popular is because they are very easy to add to your meals. You can add them to healthy salads or use as toppings on yoghurt. You can even make soups tastier by adding chia seeds. In this article, we will discuss in details about the various benefits of chia seeds. Read on.

Chia Seeds Are Rich In Fiber

Chia seeds are excellent sources of fiber. Studies have revealed that 28 grams of chia seeds contain almost 11 grams of fiber. So, if you are suffering from constipation or trying to lose weight, simply add some chia seeds to your diet plan. Fiber rich foods promote a feeling of fullness, thus preventing overeating and eventually promoting weight loss.

Chia seeds are Rich in Fiber

They contain Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Chia seeds are also high in omega 3 fatty acids. Studies have revealed that omega 3 fatty acids promote healthy skin and heart, lower high cholesterol and increase cognitive performance. While omega 3 fatty acids can also be found in certain fatty fish, the importance of chia seed lies in the fact that it is a vegetarian source of omega 3 fatty acids. So, vegetarians as well as non vegetarians can opt for these.

They contain Omega 3 Fatty Acids

They Possess Antioxidants

Most of us are aware of the fact that including antioxidants in the diet plan is important, since antioxidants reduce the chance of cancer, protect our body against various types of diseases and prevent aging. Chia seeds are full of antioxidants and so, eating them will help you to enjoy protection against various types of life threatening diseases. In fact, chia seeds are so rich in antioxidants that they can last up to 2 years, without refrigeration.

They possess Antioxidants

Chia seeds Are Great Sources Of Energy

Another crucial benefit of chia seeds is that they promote energy. Studies have proved that energy levels of our body are strongly connected with what we eat. So, if you are feeling lethargic after eating that afternoon lunch, opt for some chia seeds. Chia seeds are rich in protein, various vitamins and minerals – all of which work together for enhancing energy levels of the body.

Chia seeds are Great Sources of Energy

Use Chia Seeds/Gel For Baking Cakes

It is true that most of us love baking cakes and cookies. However, the butter that we often use for baking cakes often interfere with our weight loss plans and in fact, make us put on weight. In such a situation, chia gel can provide you with the perfect option. Simply replace the butter with chia gel and bake the cake in the same way you would with butter. You will be happy to know that apart from cakes, you can also use chia gel for making waffles, cookies, muffins and pancakes.

Use Chia Seeds,Gel for Baking Cakes

Reduce Food Cravings By eating Chia Seeds

Health experts agree that we often crave for junk food, if we consume less of a particular mineral or vitamin. For example, if you are eating limited calcium, chances are high that you will crave for calcium-rich foods, such as, ice cream, cheese and milk. However, the situation becomes complicated if you are on a diet. Dieting often restricts eating of certain foods such as cheese or whole milk and in such a situation, opting for chia seeds can be a great idea. Chia seeds are high in calcium content and will provide you with necessary vitamins or minerals, without making you gain weight.

Reduce Food Cravings by eating Chia Seeds

Chia Seeds Increase Good Cholesterol And Prevent Bad Cholesterol

According to a study in “British Journal of Nutrition”, chia seeds contain dietary fat, which in turn lower bad cholesterol level. The study further revealed that chia seeds contain nutrients that enhance the good cholesterol levels. It was also found that swapping other sources of fat, such as corn oil with chia seeds also helped participants to reduce obesity and reduce the levels of bad cholesterol. Health experts also agree that if eaten regularly, chia seeds can also play an important role in reducing high level of insulin and decrease insulin resistance.

Chia Seeds increase Good Cholesterol and Prevent Bad Cholesterol

They Help In Weight Loss

Chia seeds are natural seeds that aid in weight loss. Apart from providing various health benefits, they also make the stomach feel full, thus keeping hunger pangs away. They are also easy to cook, which makes chia seed a perfect snack. The best part is that chia seeds are easy to carry. So, you can easily carry a packet of chia seeds, while going to office or traveling and much them on your way.

They help in Weight Loss

Chia Seeds Are Excellent Sources Of Magnesium

Many of us are not aware of the importance of magnesium, but the truth is that it offers various benefits. One of the greatest benefits of magnesium is that it strengthens bones and joints, thus preventing osteoporosis in women. It also prevents depression and risk of heart disease. Chia seeds are great sources of this valuable nutrient and a single serving of chia seeds can provide you with 30% of the recommended intake of magnesium.

Chia Seeds are Excellent Sources of Magnesium

They Are High In Protein

You may not be aware of this, but fact is that chia seeds are high in protein content as well. Protein, as we all know provides our body with energy; repairs damaged tissue, and makes sure that the immune system is working properly. Studies have revealed that 1 serving (approximately 28 grams) of chia seeds contain almost 4.4 grams of protein. The best part is that chia seeds are vegetarian, so even if you are a strict vegetarian, you can easily opt for them.

They are High in Protein

As you can see, chia seeds come with various advantages. They are also gluten-free, so even if you are allergic to gluten, you can include them in your diet. Opt for chia seeds and enjoy the benefits.



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