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The Best Home Remedies For Hiccups


Hiccups occur due to digestive disturbances. Home remedies can help in curing the problem of hiccups. Whenever you have hiccups, you swallow water and do gargling. You can take an antacid that contains magnesium. Do not eat spicy foods as it can irritate the stomach and produce extra acid that causes hiccups. Swallowing peanut butter helps in curing hiccups. Swallow five grams salt and then drink little water. You can swallow something sweet. Swallow one-teaspoon vinegar. Mix honey in warm water and swallow it. Swallow little cocoa powder. Chew some dill seeds. Biting on lemon helps in curing hiccups. The best home remedies for hiccups are as follows.

The Best Home Remedies For Hiccups


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