Simple Ways On How To Make Oatmeal And Herb Bath Bags

There are times when suffers from various kinds of skin problems, especially during the warmer seasons like itchy skin or flaky skin because of the heat or sunburn. Though these problems persist during the colder season too, the intensity is much less.

Oatmeal And Herb Bath Bags

And let’s be frank, no one wants to really soak that long in the colder season because the water gets colder so much faster. Oatmeal makes for a great bath in this reference and when mixed with herbs, provides great benefits. Now you can opt for different kinds of herbs to create this bath and there are many ways of going about the same. But remember the idea is to do something that is refreshing and yet economical too.

How Oatmeal Baths Work

Oatmeal contains of phenols and avenanthramides, which are two crucial ingredients that are found in oatmeal and these help in lowering the levels of inflammation along with providing nourishment and combating other similar skin issues. Due to lower PH levels, one can experience this problem of itchiness, which is combated by oatmeal. Another compound named aponins too helps in absorbing and lifting the excess amount of oil from the skin. It also works as an antibacterial agent.

Making A Bath Using Lavender

If you want to make an oatmeal and herb bath bag then lavender is the best bet here. This relaxing and calming herb helps to nourish the skin and works great with oatmeal. You can store the same in your refrigerator for longer periods or even outside.

Making A Bath Using Lavender

Putting The Bags Together

For making this bath, one of the most basic ingredients would be the cheesecloth or even a muslin drawstring bag. Both work very and you can pick anything that works for you. To this mixture you need to add oatmeal to some dried or even fresh lavender. You can also add some drops of lavender oil to the same.

Pack All of these ingredients together and then put it in the bath before you enter. A good way to ensure that the ingredients spread evenly through the bath would be to place the pack right when you are filling the tub. Use warm water as it helps in spreading the fragrance much better. You can also scrub the body using the cloth. Soak for at least half an hour to get best results.

Ingredients Needed

Rejuvenating And Relaxing Scrub Bath

Now oatmeal can be used in so many ways to nourish and hydrate the skin. Similarly, you can also experiment more with the bath ingredients that you have. This bath is a mixed ingredient bath, which includes chamomile for relaxation along with oatmeal and other ingredients.

Relaxing Scrub

Sea Salt, Chamomile And Oatmeal

For this bath again, you will be needing a muslin or cheesecloth, preferably drawstring to keep the ingredients tight and put. Dried or fresh chamomile flowers because they help you relax and sleep. So make sure that you use this bath in the night for better sleep. Another vital ingredient here is sea salt, which doubles as a natural scrub and hence you get the dual benefits of scrubbing and cleansing. Add some shea butter or powdered milk to the same along with oatmeal. These ingredients nourish and hydrate the skin.

Sea Salt and Chamomile

Process Of Application

Make sure that the ingredients are secured tight via a string. Then when you slip in to the bath, take the pack and rub gently all over the body to the scrubbing effect from sea salt and cleansing and nourishing benefits of oatmeal. The chamomile relaxes and helps you sleep better.

Refreshing Bath For Oily Skin

Now a lot of people assume that just because you are using oatmeal, the bath would be greasy. But that is not true. What you can do is add ingredients that help in balancing the nourishing properties of the bath, like dried citrus peels, say orange or lemon. For antibacterial benefits you can add some tea tree oil. Basically this bath is perfect for those who want to relax, refresh and fight bacteria and greasiness at the same time.

Refreshing Bath For Oily Skin

Citrus Fruits, Tea Tree, Dried Calendula And Oatmeal

For this bath, you will need about 5-7 spoons of oatmeal. To this you need to add some dried calendula, say about two spoons. Add essential oils like tea tree, lime, orange, basil or anything else that appeals to you. Remember summer fragrances may include herbs like oregano also. You can add some rose petals for better fragrance. Citrus fruits are suggested here in dried and peel forms because they perk up the senses and also help you to feel fresh. Juniper berries may be added because they help soothe the senses and also cleanse well, without overpowering. You may slightly crush the berries.

Again, all of these ingredients need to be combined in the right manner in a clean muslin cloth or cheese cloth. If you don’t have either, pick some clean organic cloth, which is not to thick and tie it up well. To add some cleansing effects, you can throw in some bath salts to the bag or ingredients like dried apricots, which help in deep cleansing.

Citrus Fruits

A Relaxing And Cleansing Experience

Like your other baths, you should let the ingredients soak in the bath water so leave the faucet on so that you get the best of these smells. Once the smell starts coming in, step in to the bath and enjoy the cleansing effect. Unlike the above packs, you can take out the ingredients from this one to gently scrub all over the body. Do this when all of your soaking is done because else the pack can get rather messy.

Green Tea And Oatmeal

Another option would be using the refreshing smell of green tea and mix it with your oatmeal for complete rejuvenation. For this, you simply need to mix oatmeal with some green tea bags or leaves. You can also use perforated cloth, which is easily available in the super markets, but choose cotton ones as they are more skin friendly. Soak in the bath and relax!

Green Tea And Oatmeal



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