Scientists Find Broccoli May Slow Down And Even Prevent Osteoarthritis

Broccoli is a rich source of sulforaphane, which is known to block breakdown of cartilage as interpreted by various research studies. These studies have been performed by testing the effect of sulforaphane on cow, human cartilage cells and mice, which have been induced with artificial arthritis. Cartilage is a protective tissue that shields the joint surfaces and enables them to move properly and smoothly.


Any breakdown or damage to cartilage can result into osteoarthritis over time and develop symptoms like joint swelling and pain. Broccoli is found to slow down this cartilage destruction in debilitating joints of osteoarthritis. This opens up the role of food and diet in controlling progression and prevention of disease.

Major Research Studies With Beneficial Role Of Broccoli

Around 8.5 million people suffer from osteoarthritis of knees, hands, spine, feet and hips in UK. To found a solution, researchers have been trying hard since many years to restrict its progression and damages to joint health. In same direction, a special broccoli, ‘Beneforte’ have been developed by UK’s Institute of Food Research and the John Innes centre.

Major research studies with beneficial role of broccoli

Research From University of East Anglia

Researchers have found that sulforaphane is found in brassica family including cabbage, cauliflower and Brussels sprouts, but is present in alarmingly high levels in broccoli. Broccoli is claimed to prevent painful arthritis as sulforaphane lowers the synthesis of enzymes responsible for cartilage breakdown.

It has been found to avoid damage to bovine cartilage tissues in lab and even, mice fed to sulforaphane rich diet, have shown much fewer signs of arthritis than the rest, during the research studies. The team of scientist is now heading towards human trials to demonstrate powerful qualities of Broccoli.

Research from University of East Anglia

Research From Norwich University

The research team of musculoskeletal biology have shown that broccoli shows wonder results in three laboratory models of cartilage cells, tissues and mice. Now they will examine the same in humans and show the powerful role of broccoli. Till now, research has not confirmed any role of diet in putting an end to progression of osteoarthritis.

If it is replicated in humans, it would mean treating the people of osteoarthritis and guiding patients to keep their joints protected with broccoli diet in future. It is gonna be a big breakthrough.

Research from Norwich University

UK Arthritis Research

Precious researches have shown anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties of sulforaphane, but now research suggests its health benefits in patients of osteoarthritis. Broccoli is expected to show marvellous results in human too, and will probably also protect people from developing this disease, when included in the regular diet. This is the major study, showing role of sulforaphane in improving joint health.

In addition to healthy weight and increased physical activity, the early symptoms of osteoarthritis and its progression can be decreased with foreplay of healthy diet, rich in broccoli. Now, even diet could be a safe alternative for managing debilitating diseases.A fifth of people aged over 45 have osteoarthritis in a knee

UK Arthritis Research

Upcoming Research on ‘Super broccoli’ Role In Osteoarthritis

In debilitating osteoarthritis, though surgery is successful but is not really an answer for managing the disease. Being able to halt the progression will be the real achievement. Prevention through lifestyle change like diet can be the only way out.

Researchers have extended the study on people with osteoarthritis, especially those who need to go under joint surgery. The findings will enable scientists to see effect of broccoli on joint function, osteoarthritis and joint pain.

Upcoming research on ‘Super broccoli’ role in osteoarthritis


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