Saffron-The Magical Herb


This exotic herb is famous for its coloring, flavoring and medicinal properties.  It is most expensive spice in the world and valued highly for its culinary and medicinal qualities. Native to southern Europe, this herb is cultivated now in many countries like Spain, Greece, Italy , France, Iran and Jammu Kashmir of India. Because of its coloring and aromatic properties this spice is used in international cuisine to add an alluring aroma. Not only this, Saffron has many health benefits too. It is helpful in improving appetite and digestion, helpful in Kidney and liver problems, brings relief from acidity, acts as blood purifier and improves overall well being. Apart from these amazing health benefits, saffron has many beauty benefits too. Saffron has anti-bacterial, exfoliating, skin lightening qualities. That is why many expensive beauty products use saffron as a staple ingredient in their product. Read on to know its benefits and uses.

Kashmirkesarkingdom – Saffron-The Magical Herb



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