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Oily Skin:7 Restoratives For A Happier Face


Oily Skin:7 Restoratives For A Happier Face

Oily skin is a big problem. This not only makes your skin look dull, it also gears up various problems like acne, pimples and blackheads. Apart from that oily skin gets sun burn in maximum in comparison to other types of skin. After exposure to direct sun for sometimes, oily skin turns black and looks rough from outside.

Whereas, a dry skin person does not find any such abrupt change on his or her skin after a short exposure to sun. For this reason, it is very tough to handle oily skin in all seasons. Causes of oily skin are various – heredity, hormonal imbalance, puberty, menopause or other changes inside our body. But some process related to renew health will do to revive the oily skin.

Seven Restoratives For A Happier Face

1. Always Use Warm Water For Washing Purpose

To get rid of oily skin the easiest thing that we can do is to wash our face again and again. But before washing your face make your water slightly hot as hot water cleanses your skin more intensely. Moreover, when hot water comes in contact of your skin, the pores of the skin becomes open and the oil of the skin comes out. Thus, the hot water not only removes dirt from your skin, it also removes oil from your skin and makes your skin completely clean and acne free. Clear skin breathes well and keeps your skin healthy. For this reason, whenever you wash your face use luke worm water for that purpose. Must wash your face after coming back home from outside.

Always Use Warm Water For Washing Purpose

2. Mint Ice Cube

Ice cube is excellent for oily skin. When you wash your face your pores becomes open. To bring back your pores in old position very quickly rub ice cubes on face. This helps to maintain the elasticity of the skin. Moreover, ice helps to reduce the oil secretion of the skin. So rub ice cube on your skin immediately after washing your face and just before washing moisturizer and foundation. This method helps to keep your skin dry. While making ice cube always freeze clean water. Mix some fresh mint juice in the water. Mint has antiseptic property which helps to keep your skin pimple free. Mint also has some cool effect which soothes your skin and controls oil secretion of the skin. Use it daily to keep your skin oil free.

Mint Ice Cube

3. Exfoliate Your Skin Everyday

Regular exfoliation is needed to keep your oily skin in good condition. In oily skin oil comes out from the pores of the skin and start to accumulate on the skin’s surface. Gradually they block the pores of the skin and aggravate the acne problem. So exfoliate your skin everyday at day’s end. As you need regular exfoliation, do not take very coarse or harsh product to scrub your skin. For regular exfoliation take Bengal gram flour. Add 1 tablespoon gram flour with a tablespoon sour yogurt. Mix well and make a paste. Apply this paste on your skin and wait for sometimes to get dry. After that sprinkle water and rub gently in a roundabout way to remove it. It helps to remove dead cell, dirt and grease from your skin. Massaging also helps to enhance blood circulation. Being naturally acidic yogurt helps to control oil secretion of skin and keeps your skin dry. Yogurt also bleaches your skin and removes suntan. Thus, this pack helps your oily skin in various ways. Apply it every day.

Exfoliate Your Skin Everyday

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4. Use Astringent Daily

An oily skin person should apply astringent after every wash or before applying moisturizer or lotion. Cucumber juice is a good astringent. Grate cucumber and strain the juice. Add 5-6 drops lemon juice in it. Keep it in refrigerator. Soak a cotton ball in it and apply the juice with it on your face. Leave it for sometimes so that your skin absorbs the juice. Regular application of astringent helps to keep your skin free of oil and look dry. It also helps to maintain skin’s elasticity.

Use Astringent Daily

5. Weekly Face Mask

A weekly face mask is needed to reduce over secretion of oil glands. To make the mask you need the white portion of the egg, some aloevera , turmeric and neem. Break one egg and eliminate the white protein portion. Avoid yolk portion which is actually fat and should not be applied on oily skin to make it oilier. Beat the white portion. Ground raw turmeric to paste and add a teaspoon turmeric paste in the egg. Turmeric has antibacterial, antifungal and antiseptic property and both cures and prevents acne. Aloevera soothes your skin and keeps it dry. Neem also prevents and cures acne due to its antiseptic property and improves the skin’s texture. So, mix all the products in a bowl and apply a thick layer of it on your skin. Leave it to get dry. Then wash with warm water. While washing rub your skin gently with your fingers in a roundabout way to enhance blood circulation of the skin.

Weekly Face Mask

6. Regular Steaming

Regular steaming is necessary for oily skin. Steaming helps to open pores and removes excess oil and dirt from your skin. Regular steaming helps your skin to make dry. Take a bowl of hot boiling water. Sprinkle some tea tree oil or camphor in it. These products contain antiseptic property and cures different types of skin rashes and problems which are very common on oily skin

. After taking the steam wipe your skin dry and massage an oil free lotion on it.

Regular Steaming

7. Dab Sandalwood Powder On Your Oily Skin

If you have oily skin dab powder on your skin to keep it dry. Powder soaks the oil and gives your face a silky and dry look. Sandalwood powder is excellent for this purpose. Dab some sandalwood powder on your skin after finishing your makeup. You can also apply sandalwood powder on bare face. Sandalwood powder has antiseptic property and keeps different types of skin’s problem at bay. Moreover, the natural beige color of sandalwood powder makes your skin to look smooth, glowing and fair.


Follow these instructions along with adequate drinking of plain water and intake of healthy non spicy food. These will help you to keep your oily skin glowing and attractive all the time.



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