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Most Popular Herbs For Bad Breath

Bad Breath

Bad breath is scientifically known as halitosis. It can be an outcome of either poor oral health or improper oral hygiene. Along with these the food selections that we make might also be responsible for bad breath. Now, why food choices affect breath is because the food we eat gets physically broken down in the mouth with help of saliva and chewing; after getting absorbed in blood stream, some of it enters our lungs, from where we get the odour; sometimes along with burps too. This is the reason why food that you eat affects the breath till the time it gets completely digested.

Therefore, foods having a strong odour can cause bad breath; e.g. garlic, onions etc. Additionally, if we do not brush and floss regularly and our oral hygiene is not properly maintained, food particles get accumulated between our teeth and gums. This results in foul breath due to rotting and decay of the accumulated food particles. Certain diseases such as lactose intolerance, GERD, any local infections in respiratory tract, chronic bronchitis, diabetes any liver or kidney disease may also lead to bad breath. This means that bad breath is a sign of bad health. Other reasons of bad breath are bacteria accumulation in the mouth, use of dentures or other such appliances etc.

Following Are The Top Herbs For Alleviating Bad Breath:



Eucalyptus is used in number of household things. It is one of the best known antibacterial agents and is used in variety of medicinal products also. There are some studies which have shown that eucalyptus reduces the foul smell of the breath. It removes certain compounds (like sulphur) which lead to foul smell. It is also anti-bacterial in nature. Hence eucalyptus use by rinsing mouth with it is an efficient way of reducing or avoiding bad breath; its additional antibacterial property also helps keeping mouth clean and fresh.


Peppermint, specially the peppermint oil due to its fragrance reduces bad breath drastically. This is the reason why they have abundant oral care products with peppermint. Many mouthwashes, tooth pastes etc. contain peppermint in them as it works wonders for reducing bad breath. You can use peppermint by simply chewing the leaves or boiling them in water straining off the boiled water and using it as a mouth wash.

Clove & Cinnamon Stick

Clove & Cinnamon stick
Both of these agents have excellent fragrance. Clove contains essential oil which is fragrant and reduces bad breath for long time duration. Also it has antiseptic properties which helps in eliminating oral bacteria; thereby keeping mouth clean and free of bad breath. Cinnamon stick has great antibiotic properties. Merely by keeping it in mouth and sucking it eliminates bad breath. These agents also help in cases of toothache and tooth infection.

Lemon Juice

Lemon juice

Lemon juice contains vitamin C which is good for your gum health. Also it kills foul smell producing bacteria. Lemon juice keeps the mouth fresh and keeps layer from forming over the tongue, thus reducing bacterial accumulation in mouth. Technically lemon juice is acidic in nature and this acid prevents any growth of bacteria in mouth; hence no bad smell.

Cumin, Fennel Seeds Or Aniseeds

Cumin, fennel seeds Or aniseeds
These seeds are excellent mouth fresheners and keep the mouth free of any bad breath for a long time. They can be taken in small quantities after every meal. Fennel and anise seeds reduce acidity and help in gastric conditions which indirectly reduce bad breath.

Coriander, Parsley And Any Green Leafy Vegetable

All the leafy vegetables that contain chlorophyll are excellent for reducing bad breath. This works simply by the mechanism that chlorophyll neutralises foul breath causing chemical substances. Just by chewing these leaves or alternatively making a juice and consuming it reduces bad breath and gives freshness to your mouth.Apart from using these herbs there are plenty of ways to cure bad breath. However, it must be kept in mind that we must strictly maintain oral hygiene by brushing and flossing regularly and brushing after every meal if possible.

Coriander, Parsley And Any Green Leafy Vegetable

Alternatively, using a mouth wash at constant time intervals helps. Instead of using a chemical mouth wash you can use a herbal mouth wash using either lemon juice or peppermint oil wash as per you preference. For people who use dentures it is advisable to clean it regularly and remove them at night if possible as dentures are a major zone of bacterial accumulation. Smoking cessation also helps in reducing bad breath. Ultimately if the breath smell is too foul for you to handle, you can also visit a dentist for further diagnosis and advice.


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