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How To Use Honey For Anti Aging

Honey For Anti Aging

Wrinkles, fine lines, and other skin problems occur as we become older. The natural aging process of our body is the reason of many of our skin woes. Use natural products for fighting this problem. Honey helps in fighting these problems as it has anti-aging properties. The ancient Roman people and beautiful women of the olden times had known the secret of honey and used it to get a younger looking skin and enhance the beauty. Honey has antiseptic and antioxidant properties. It moisturizes the skin, which is useful for reducing the dryness of the skin. There are many ways to use honey to fight wrinkles and problems caused by aging. We will give some tips for this.

Following Are Some Tips On How To Use Honey For Anti -Aging.

1. Use A Plain Honey Mask:

A plain honey mask helps in cleansing the skin and moisturizing it. for this, apply raw honey on the face. Lave it for some time. Wash the face after twenty minutes. Tie your hair behind the head when you apply the mask so that honey does not stick to the hair strands. [1]

Use A Plain Honey Mask

2. Use Honey With Sugar And Olive Oil:

It is easy to fight the problem of aging of the skin by using honey with lemons. Mix honey with sugar granules and lemon juice. To this, you should add olive oil. Mix the ingredients well. Use it as a body scrub. Apply the mixture on the face and body. Scrub the skin very gently on the face for removing dead skin. Rinse the skin with water after five minutes. [2]

Use Honey With Sugar And Olive Oil

3. Use Honey With Cinnamon And Nutmeg:

A Honey face mask made with yogurt and spices helps in fighting aging of the skin. To make the mask, mix honey and yogurt with spices like cinnamon powder and nutmeg powder. To this, add little amount of lemon juice. Add warm water to make a paste. Wash the face with water. After that, apply the above mixture on the skin. Wait for ten minutes and then wash the skin using lukewarm water. Lastly, apply moisturizer. [3]

Use Honey With Cinnamon And Nutmeg

5. Use Honey With Papaya And Milk:

Honey mask made with papaya and milk is useful for anti-aging of the skin. Make the mask by mixing honey with ripe and mashed papaya and avocado. To this, you should mix the whole milk. Warm the mask and apply on the skin for half an hour. After that, wash and clean the skin with lukewarm water. The mask helps in healing wrinkles and increasing blood circulation in the skin. [5]

Use Honey With Papaya And Milk


6. Use Honey With Turmeric And Vitamin E:

Honey used with turmeric and Vitamin E is an excellent remedy for anti-aging of skin. For this, mix honey with an equal amount of lemon juice. To this, add a double amount of yogurt. Mix one pinch turmeric powder with it. Break a capsule of Vitamin E and take out its liquid. Mix the Vitamin E liquid with the above mixture. Apply the paste on the face. Rinse the skin using lukewarm water after ten minutes. [6]

Use Honey With Turmeric And Vitamin E


7. Use Honey With Avocado:

Honey helps in anti-aging of skin when used with avocado. Take a ripe avocado and mash it well. Mix lemon juice and honey with it. To this, add dry oats. Mix well. Apply the mask on the face. Wash the skin after some time. The mask has antiseptic and antioxidant properties that help in healing the skin. [7]

Use Honey With Avocado

8. Use Honey With Banana And Rosewater:

Another way to fight aging of skin is to sue honey with banana and rosewater. For this, mix honey with a ripe and mashed banana. To this, add yogurt and rosewater. Mix all the things well to make a smooth mixture. Apply on the face and leave it on the skin. Wash the skin after twenty minutes. Use the mask once or twice a week. [8]

Use Honey With Banana And Rosewater



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