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How To Use Ginger For Acne

Ginger For Acne

Acne is a common skin problem that occurs due to hormonal problems, wrong eating habits, stress and excess oil on the skin. Breakouts can affect teenagers and young people. The affected skin areas become red and swollen. It is a beauty problem that lowers the self-confidence. Sometimes, there can be a pain in the skin. People take many types of medicines and beauty tips for dealing with the problem of acne. Ginger can be used for fighting acne.

We Will Explain Some Uses Of Ginger For This Problem. Following Are Some Tips On How To Use Ginger For Acne:

1. Use Ginger Juice:

Application of ginger juice on the skin is useful for acne problem. Peel and crush ginger. Grind it with a little water using a food processor. Strain the liquid of ginger with the help of a sieve. Apply the extracted ginger juice over the acne-affected areas on the face. Wait for some time and then wash the face. Do this every day.[1]

Use Ginger Juice

2. Use Ginger With Green Tea:

Ginger helps in getting rid of acne when used along with green tea. Boil peeled and minced ginger in a vessel with water. Cook on slow flame for fifteen minutes. Take out the vessel. Add green tea bags to the liquid and steep for ten minutes. Strain the liquid and discard ginger pieces and tea bags. Add a little amount of honey with the tea and drink it. Do this every day to detoxify the skin and heal acne on your skin.[2]

Use Ginger With Green Tea

3. Use Ginger With Honey:

Ginger and honey heal the inflamed acne on the skin. Grind peeled and chopped pieces of ginger in a food processor with water. Strain to separate the ginger liquid from the solid part. Mix honey with the strained ginger juice. Apply the mixture on washed and cleaned face. Wash the skin after twenty minutes. Apply moisturizer.[3]

Use Ginger With Honey

4. Use Ginger With Parsley:

Apply ginger and parsley on the skin to reduce acne. Cut parsley into small pieces and add it to a vessel of boiling water. Boil the parsley and steep it for at least sixty minutes. Strain the liquid with a sieve while removing the parsley from the water. Cook this liquid again along with chopped ginger pieces. Cook on slow flame for twenty minutes. Sieve the liquid and fill it in a spray bottle. Apply the ginger parsley liquid on the skin to heal acne.[4]

Use Ginger With Parsley

5. Use Ginger With Lemongrass:

Make an effective acne remedy by using ginger with lemongrass tea. Boil ginger in a vessel filled with water along with lemongrass. Cook on slow flame for ten minutes. Remove the vessel and add tea bags of herbal tea. Strain the tea with the help of a sieve while discarding the solid ingredients. Add honey and very little quantity of lemon juice with the tea and consume it.[5]

Use Ginger With Lemongrass

6. Use Ginger With Egg White:

Ginger and egg white help in healing acne when used together. For this, blend peeled and minced ginger with egg white in a food processor along with a little water. Apply the mixture on affected areas on the skin. Wait till it becomes dry. After that, wash the skin and make it dry. Do this thrice in a week.[6]

Use Ginger With Egg White

7. Use Ginger With Turmeric:

Ginger used with turmeric can heal acne. Make a tea by boiling ginger in water in a vessel. Add turmeric powder to the water and continue boiling it. Cook on slow flame for five minutes. Take out the tea and strain it with a sieve. Add honey and very little amount of lemon juice to it. Consume the tea. Do this thrice daily.[7]

Use Ginger With Turmeric



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