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How To Moisturize Sensitive Skin

How To Moisturize Sensitive Skin

Dryness in the skin can cause many problems spoiling the texture and beauty of the skin. It is important to hydrate and moisturize the skin to fight problems caused by dryness. For this, people use moisturizers, products, and remedies that moisturize the skin. There are different types of skin like normal, dry, combination, sensitive and others. The same product is not suitable for all skin types. People who have sensitive skin cannot use the usual skin care products used by others as the skin is prone to damage by chemicals and ingredients present in the cosmetics. Use different ways to moisturize the sensitive skin. We will give some tips for hydrating and moisturizing sensitive skin types. Following are some tips on how to moisturize sensitive skin.

1. Wash The Face Twice A Day And Use A Gentle Cleanser:

Wash and clean the skin well so that the pores are open and not blocked with dirt and debris. For this, you should wash the face two times daily. Clean the skin with a cleanser that contains ingredients that are safe for sensitive skin type. Apply the cleanser and scrub the skin gently. Use a moisturizer immediately after this. Wash the skin at night to remove makeup residues.


2. Use Petroleum Jelly And Baby Oil:

Moisturizing remedies used since the ancient times like the simple Petroleum jelly is the best way to moisturize sensitive skin as recommended by the dermatologists. Use petroleum jelly and occlusives like mineral oil. Both products are good for healing dry and sensitive skin. For mineral oil, the best option is to use baby oil used for the sensitive skin of newborns and infants.

Petroleum Jelly

3. Use A Moisturiser With Sunscreen:

Use a moisturizer that also contains a sunscreen with a high SPF value. The sunlight exposure damages the skin and causes problems like redness and rashes. Using a moisturizer with SPF protects the skin from sun damage helping in avoiding skin problems.


4. Use Coconut Oil On The Skin And Bath:

Coconut oil is the best product that helps in moisturizing the sensitive skin without damaging it. It seeps deep in the skin and helps in nourishing the skin and healing dryness in it. The oil contains fatty acids, which heal and moisturize the skin well. Apply the oil on the skin all over the body on the face and limbs with a massaging movement. Wash the skin when you wake up next day. It will help you in getting soft skin. Also, you can mix the oil with the bathwater and soak the body in the tub for fifteen minutes.

Coconut Oil


5. Use Lotion With Vitamin E And Peppermint Oil:

Make the sensitive skin soft and moisturized by using a lotion that contains Vitamin E along with peppermint oil. Add unrefined coconut oil to a mixer and whip to blend the oil well for ten minutes. Add the oil of Vitamin E capsules and peppermint essential oil to it. Blend again by running the mixer. Fill in a jar and use the lotion on the sensitive skin to moisturize it.

Peppermint Oil


6. Use Shea Butter Cream:

Use a Shea butter cream for moisturizing dry and sensitive skin. Choose a product that also contains Ceramide 3 as an ingredient along with Shea butter. It will help in moisturizing the skin from deep inside.

Shea Butter Cream


7. Use Mild Soaps And Liquid Cleansers:

Use mild soaps for bathing that don’t irritate the sensitive skin. The common soaps used at homes contain deodorants, alcohol, and fragrances. Such ingredients remove essential hydrating oils from the skin so it is harmful to use them. Avoid using such soaps. Use soap free cleansers for cleansing the skin. The best option is to use a liquid cleanser. It is also beneficial to use moisturizing bars.

se Mild Soaps And Liquid Cleansers

8. Do Not Use Herbal Skin Care Products:

Some of us have a habit of using herbal skin care products for sensitive skin thinking that it is natural and safe. Avoid using such product and cosmetics. Not all herbs are suitable for sensitive skin. Some herbs are grown in the gardens by adding harmful pesticides that may damage the skin. Thus, avoid using herbal products.

Do Not Use Herbal Skin Care Products


9. Use Aloe Infused Lotion:

Use a natural product like an aloe infused lotion to heal the dry sensitive skin. To make the lotion, melt beeswax and mix coconut oil with it. Add aloe vera and mint leaves to it. Blend the mixture in a mixer. Let it become cold. Fill in a jar and use the lotion to moisturize the sensitive skin.

Use Aloe Infused Lotion


10. Choose Preservative Free Cosmetics And Products:

Use preservative free cosmetics, beauty products, and moisturizers if you have sensitive skin. The preservatives like paraben, formaldehyde and DMDM hydantoin present in skin care products cause allergy and irritation in the sensitive skin. Usually, products made with oil and water has a high content of preservatives. Avoid using such cosmetics. Choose beauty products that don’t have preservatives in them.

Choose Preservative Free Cosmetics And Products


11. Do Not Use Hypoallergenic Products:

People with a sensitive skin like to go to the market and buy hypoallergenic products. They think that it is safe for the skin. Avoid using such products as it may contain harmful ingredients that damage the skin. Do not follow the trend of using hypoallergenic products for sensitive skin types.

 Do Not Use Hypoallergenic Products




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