How to Make Homemade Natural Shampoo Bars


Lately, it has been noticed that many people are getting fascinated with the homemade soaps and shampoo. And the obvious reason behind this is the natural and chemical-free ingredients used in them. Since they are all homemade, very little or no chemicals are used. What would be better than this? Natural ingredients are gentle to skin and hair. And to top it all, these soaps and shampoos could be prepared spending quite less compared to the market one.

Natural Shampoo Bars

If you are already using them, you might be aware of the differences. So, why not use shampoo bar for hair as well. It might sounds old-fashioned but believe me, it works like wonder on hair. Experiment it and witness the difference yourself.

Here Are The Recipes To Make Natural Shampoo Bar At Home:

1. Coconut Oil Soap Bar

Coconut oil is a rich source of nutrients which helps to nourishes the hair. To exploit the goodness of coconut oil, use coconut soap bar. To prepare coconut oil soap bar at home, you will need the following ingredients: 10 oz palm oil, 10 oz coconut oil, 8 oz olive oil, 8 oz castor oil, 12 oz distilled water, 5 oz lye, 25 to 5 oz essential oils.

Coconut Oil

Measure the oils in a large pot. Take the measured quantity of water in another pot and lye in it. Mix it with a spoon. Weigh the given quantity of essential oil and keep aside. Keep the mold ready. Heat the lye and oil, when it reaches the temperature of 100 ° F. Pour them into the pot and stir. Mix essential oils and pour them into the mold. Then incubate for 24 hours.

Coconut Oil Soap Bar

2. Shea Butter Soap Bar

Shea butter is also excellent for skin as well as hair. Keep the following ingredients ready to prepare shea butter soap bar: 10 oz Palm Oil, 3 oz Shea Butter, 26 oz olive oil, 8 oz castor oil, 5 oz avocado oil, 17 oz filtered water, 6.6 oz lye, 25 oz essential oils. The steps are same as above mentioned for coconut oil soap bar. Weigh all the ingredients and keep them aside.

Shea Butter

Take lye and water in a different container and stir it with a steel spoon. Heat the lye and butter to melt at 100 ° F. Now pour the melt in a pot. Drop in the measured quantity of essential oil and incubate for 24 hours.

Shea Butter Soap Bar

3. Cocoa Butter Soap Bar

Here is another interesting recipe of soap bar using cocoa butter. You will need the following ingredients to prepare it: 8 oz coconut oil, 3 oz palm oil, 1 oz cocoa butter, 4 oz castor oil, 4 oz sweet almond oil, 2 oz jojoba oil, 7 oz filtered water, 3 oz lye, few drops of essential oil of your choice. Measure the ingredients and keep aside.

Cocoa Butter Soap Bar

Mix lye and water in a container. Melt the given quantity of butter and lye in a different vessel until the temperature reaches 100 ° F. Mix essential oil and pour them into the mold. Incubate for 24 hours to solidify.

Cocoa Butter

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4. Rhassoul Clay Soap

Rhassoul clay is also known as red Moroccan clay which is a wonderful volumizer. Note the ingredients that will be required to prepare this exclusive soap bar: 32 oz palm kernel oil, 16 oz coconut oil, 6 oz cocoa butter, 6 oz shea butter, 4 oz castor oil, 34 oz olive oil, 10 oz rice bran oil, 15.8 oz lye, 36 oz filtered water, 2 oz rhassoul clay, and few drops of essential oils.

Rhassoul Clay

Melt the measured quantity of butter in a vessel. Take lye and pour it in a vessel containing water. Mix them well with a stainless steel spoon. Heat fat and lye for few minutes until the temperature reaches 100 ° F. Mix them evenly, you can even use a blender to mix them. Add a few drops of essential oil to the mixture. Then pour the liquid in to the mold and incubate for 24 hours to solidify it.

Rhassoul Clay Soap

5. Beeswax Shampoo Bar

This shampoo bar is comparatively soft and mild and contains no palm oil or lard. It can be easily prepared at home with the following ingredients: 2 oz beeswax, 2 oz coconut oil, 24 oz olive oil, 4 oz sweet almond oil, 4 oz lye, 10 oz filtered water, 2 chamomile teabags and few drops of essential oils. First of all, measure the given ingredients and keep aside.


Melt the coconut oil in a large vessel. Take lye and oil in a vessel, mix it with water while stirring with a spoon. Keep the mold ready. Heat oil and lye to reach 100 ° F. Stir the mixture or mix it in a blender. Add essential oil and mix again. Now pour the liquid into the mold and incubate for 24 hours. All natural shampoo bars is ready to be used.

Beeswax Shampoo Bar



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