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How To Make Flower Face Masks For Skin Lightening


Dark skin tone is very common in women. Sometimes, the skin becomes dark due to sunlight exposure or some disease. Women all over the world wish to have fair, beautiful and glowing skin. For this, they use many beauty products and home remedies that help in lightening the skin color. Instead of this, you should use natural remedies like face masks made with flowers. This type of face mask helps in making the skin color light. It is also useful for healing marks, spots, and acne. Flowers improve the skin tone. The natural oils present in some flowers help in nourishing the skin. We will explain the method of making and using some flower face masks that make you fair.

Following Are Some Tips On How To Make Flower Face Masks For Skin Lightening:

1. Use Rose Face Mask Made With With Glycerine And Milk


Rose petals


How To Use

Use home grown rose flowers for making a face mask for skin lightening. Take some rose flower petals. Crush them with water to get a rose paste. Mix a very little milk and glycerine with the crushed rose. Apply this rose mixture on the face. Wash the face after thirty minutes.

2. Use Marigold Flower Face Mask


Marigold flower petals
Grated carrot
Milk powder


How To Use

Take marigold flower petals and yogurt. Mix well. To this, add grated carrot. Add little amount of milk powder with it. Use a food processor to blend all these things together to make a flower paste. Apply the paste on the face. Wash the face after some time. It will give you glowing skin. The marigold face mask is suitable for winters.


3. Use Lotus Flowers Face Mask


Lotus flower petals
Sandalwood powder


How To Use

Lotus flower contains nutrients and ingredients that help in making the skin fair. Grind lotus flower petals with water to get its puree. You can also boil the lotus petals and grind to make a puree. Mix sandalwood powder with the lotus paste. Mix well. To this, you should mix a little milk. Apply the mixture on the face like a mask. Wash the face after some time.


4. Use Hibiscus Face Mask


Hibiscus flower petals
Vitamin E capsules


How To Use

Use hibiscus flowers to make a fairness face mask for skin lightening. To make this mask, break capsules of Vitamin E to take out its oil or liquid inside it. Mix it with crushed hibiscus flower petals. Apply the mixture on your face with a massaging movement. Wash and clean your face after twenty minutes.

5. Use Franzi Pani Flower Face Mask


Franzi pani flowers
Gram flour


How To Use

Use Franzi pani flowers for skin lightening. To make a face mask with this flower, grind the frangipani petals using very little water to get a flower paste. To this, you should mix gram flour. Mix well to get a thick mixture. Apply franzi pani flower mixture on your face for fifteen minutes. After that, wash your face using lukewarm water.

6. Use Jasmine Flower Face Mask


Jasmine flower petals


How To Use

Use jasmine flower face mask if you have dry skin. Boil jasmine flower petals in a pan filled with water. Remove the water and separate the petals. Mix a little amount of cream with the boiled flower. Apply the mixture on your face. Wash the face after fifteen minutes. Another way to make a face mask with this flower is to mix curd with jasmine flower. Crush it in a food processor to make a paste. Apply the flower mask on the face. Wash the face after some time. This mask is suitable for sensitive skin.


7. Use Lavender Face Mask


Lavender petals
Oatmeal powder


How To Use

Use a lavender face mask to get face mask. Add lavender petals to boiling water in a pan. Continue boiling it for some time. Separate the petals from water. Crush or grind the boiled petals to get a lavender paste. Mix oatmeal powder. Add water to get a paste. Apply the mixture on the face. Wash the face after some time.



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