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Top 9 Home Remedies To Cure Blisters

Home Remedies To Cure Blisters

The blisters are small and in bubbles shape, which is filled with fluid and appears on the upper layers of the skin. It is caused by forceful rubbing, cold and freezing temperature, burning, spider bites, infection or chemical exposure. The different types of blisters are chicken pox, fever blisters, cold sores, shingles, scabies, hand, foot and mouth blisters, bedbugs blisters and impetigo. Typically, a blister contains the serum or plasma fluid, but in some cases, the blisters are filled with blood, which is called as blood blisters and when filled with pus, it means it got infected. The infection can result in one or more blisters.

Top 9 Home Remedies To Cure Blisters


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