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Great And Easy Homemade Honey Face Masks

From the archaeological times, the sweetener is considered to be highly beneficial towards health and skin. Honey proves to be a great moisturizer since it contains constituents like iron, magnesium, amino acids and etc. Honey helps in inhibiting oxidants and behaves like a great anti-aging compound. The sweetener helps in revitalization and giving a fresh look to a person’s drained out skin.

Homemade Honey Face Masks

An application of honey guards the skin from the harmful sunrays and the individual tends to attain a smooth and flawless skin. Honey is a great absorbent and holds back the moisture, which in turn keeps the skin hydrated for a longer duration. An application of honey helps in curing various skin problems elasticity of the skin is maintained. Honey is highly recommended by great physicians for dainty skin and assists in minimizing inflammations and contaminations. The medicinal qualities of honey help in curing the wounds and it indeed speeds up the processes of digestive tract and other parts. Consumption of honey helps to boost and make the immunity system strong. There are various types of honey masks one can prepare at home without much time, expense and effort and they are:-

Simple Homemade Honey Face Masks

Facial Mask For Skin Subjected To Acne

Honey And Cinnamon

A great mask can be prepared through a blend of few teaspoons of honey and half a teaspoon of cinnamon. An application of this mask for approx thirty minutes help in killing bacteria, since both the ingredients are very effective towards the skin subjected to acne. Since cinnamon doesn’t suit all types of skin, an individual should be very careful before application.

Facial Mask For An Arid Skin

avocado mask

A facial mask containing a teaspoon of crushed avocado, single teaspoon of curd and honey helps in treating an arid skin. The ingredients should be blended well and applied for a span of twenty minutes. The skin tends to get highly moisturized and smoothened due to the fats and the lactic acid present in the ingredients. This mask assists in cleaning up the pores and boosts the secretion of collagen.

Facial Mask For Subtle Skin

Aloevera And Honey

An application of mask of a single teaspoon of both aloe vera and honey helps in treating the sensitive skin. Aloe vera possesses the qualities of minimizing the swellings and helps the individual to get away with discomfort and irritation. The application of honey assists in getting off with the ruptured cells and toxins.

Facial Mask For Blemishes And Murk Patches

Citric Acid Face Mask

A blend of citric acid and honey is a great combination for removing discolor and darkness of the skin. An application of both the ingredients for a span of half an hour helps in brightening, exfoliating and smoothening the skin.

Facial Mask For Oily Skin

Oatmeal FAce MAsk

The oatmeal should be first crushed in a mixer and a few tablespoons of luke warm water should be added to attain a firm paste. Further few teaspoons of the sweetener, citric acid and curd should be added. The paste should be applied for a span of twenty-five minutes and once the mask is fully dried, it should be rinsed off well with luke warm water. This mask is a great absorbent of immoderate oil and assists in getting away with skin irritation.

Facial Mask For Dark Skin

Papaya And Honey

This mask helps in removing discolor and excess pigmentation from the skin. Honey and papaya should be blended well before application for a span of twenty minutes. After the application, the face should be rinsed well with hot water.

Citric Honey Mask

Citric Juice And Honey

To attain an instant glow and radiance towards the skin, orange proves to be very effective. Few tablespoons of citric juice and honey should be blended well and applied on the face for thirty minutes. It provides great moisturization and helps in lightening of the skin.

Sweetener Mask

Sweetener Mask

Being very beneficial it guards the body from various contaminations and diseases. It helps the body to struggle against the harmful puffiness and germs. The qualities of healing and curing speeds up the process of healing and keeps the skin moisturized for a long period of time. The fingers should be rinsed with water before an application of honey because honey is very sticky.

Honey Resistant Mask

Honey And Egg

An application of a mask with egg white and honey is very beneficial for a person’s skin. The mask should be gently applied and left over for a span of fifteen minutes. The sweetener helps in leaving behind a smooth skin and getting away with wrinkles and fine lines.

An Aromatic Honey Mask

Turmeric Paste And Honey

The skin gets lightened with the help of a mix of turmeric paste and honey. The paste helps an individual attain light colored skin and to get great results it can be continuously applied. The discoloration can be done away with the help of turmeric paste.

Curd Honey Mask

Curd And Honey

Honey along with yoghurt is considered to be a great moisturizer. Few tablespoons of fermented milk along with honey revitalize the openings of the skin and honey provides a soothing sensation to the skin. An instant radiant glow and a proper balance can be restored.

Purifying Honey Mask

Purifying Honey Mask

For natural smoothening and exfoliation the honey can be used as a facial scrub. The mask can be prepared with a tweak of crushed nuts, citric acid and few spoons of honey. The nuts clean the pores and make the skin smooth. The citric acid present in the lemon helps in making the skin light and provides a radiant glow. The sweetener leaves behind a smooth and a moisturized skin.

Strawberry Sweetener Mask

Strawberry Sweetener Mask

The strawberries before use should be crushed very properly, till the time they become smooth. For a proper cleaning, an addition of olive oil can be made and few tablespoons of honey can be applied to minimize the swellings and puffiness especially around the eyes. Since strawberries are highly concentrated with salicylic acid, it helps the skin to get away with ruptured cells and makes the skin highly smooth. After the application, the skin should be left to dry before a rinse.



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