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Easy Ways On How To Make 6 Natural Homemade Body Lotions


Natural homemade lotions for the body are a great way to keep your skin healthy and nourished. It is true that buying a lotion from the drug store or over the counter is much simpler but then if you consider the costs incurred, does it really make sense? Yes these body lotions made at home take some time and you will require a lot of patience, but the end result is really worth it.

Basically the benefits of the homemade lotions include being skin friendly, economical, made from natural ingredients and of course, it’s great for those with sensitive skins.

Here Are 6 Of The Best Homemade Natural Body Lotions For Healthy Skin

1. Olive And Coconut Oil With Beeswax

This is a lotion that can be easily applied on all skin types, especially sensitive skin or baby skin. The ingredients that you need are around ½ a cup of regular olive oil (extra virgin becomes too greasy and needs wiping off. ¼ cups of both beeswax and coconut oil are required. You can add a few drops of any essential oil if you want, but that is really optional.

Simply combine all of the ingredients in a clean and sterile jar. Then heat some water in a saucepan and place the jar in the water. Put on a lose lid. This double boiler will help in melting the lotion. Store it in the same jar, because pumping bottles really don’t work very well here. But remember, this is homemade so will last you about 4 months, so use the same on time.

Olive And Coconut Oil With Beeswax

2. Jojoba Oil

Many people are not aware of the great nourishing properties that the oil of jojoba has to offer. It can be stored with ease and is easily mixed with an array of other ingredients. For making this oil you need about half a cup of jojoba oil and mix this with some chamomile and comfrey essential oils. Along with this, add about 5 drops of vitamin E oil to the lotion for added nourishment.

Comfrey is known for many healing properties while chamomile soothes skin and also helps in creating a balance of oils. Both jojoba and vitamin E nourish the skin, providing soothing and nourishing properties.

Jojoba oil

3. Cocoa Butter And Coconut Lotion

The sad thing about coconut cream is that it cannot be stored, but the oil of coconut can last for years and hence it is largely used in different kinds of lotions. This rich lotion is made from cocoa butter with a bit of coconut oil for longer lasting and nourishment. Those who have very dry skin will largely benefit from the goodness of this natural body lotion. Simply mix about half a cup of cocoa butter with about 2 spoons of coconut oil.

You can use the extra virgin version of the coconut oil here. To this lotion add about a spoon of pure calendula cream, which helps in getting a better texture. These should be mixed together and there is no need to heat the same. Store in a pump or regular bottle, as per your requirement and use generously

Cocoa Butter And Coconut Lotion

4. Aloe Gel And Oil Lotion

Now this is a lotion that can be used very well during the summer months also. You will need a cup of gel extract, which can be taken from aloe leaves. To this, you will need to add some distilled water or even herbal tea tree oil. To this, you can add some beeswax or even sweet almond or jojoba oil. Remember that extra virgin olive oil is not suggested here because it is too greasy for the summer months. Another substitute here would be vitamin E oil.

To this add some natural tea tree oil extract or even lemon oil because both are great for the summer months. Simply combine the ingredients together and melt over a double boiler and let it cool. Make sure that all ingredients are melted well. For those with oily skin, the beeswax can be omitted.

Aloe Gel And Oil Lotion

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5. Instant Body Lotion

Now this one is something that you can apply with ease and leave for work. This can be made instantly and it really lasts for a longer time too. You can make it in a matter of few minutes and then store it in the refrigerator or an airtight jar for a few weeks. For making this lotion, you need the essential oil of lime and tea tree, to this mixture you need to add about a cup of Aloe Vera gel. Make sure that this gel is well whipped to give you a lotion like consistency.

Add some extra light olive oil to the mixture, which will help in creating a transparent lotion that works great for normal skin. And now for a twist, add some vanilla oil to this lotion to make it seem like a store bought one. Works wonders for your skin and smells awesome too.

Instant Body Lotion

6. Fruit Butter Lotions

Now this one is relatively new because fruit based butters were not really available till a few years back. So women would opt for applying fruit extracts directly on the body, which would mean that you needed to wash it off before stepping out. But thanks to the advent of fruit butter like mango, papaya or even avocado, a natural fruit lotion can be made. You can mix equal quantities of all three fruits or even more if you find the butter in your store. Else, pick any one of your choice. To this butter add some rosemary oil or even thyme oil, because both provide preserving benefits too. You can also add some orange oil or zest here for a fresh aroma. Again, orange zest lasts for a long time so you don’t have to worry about the lotion getting spoilt. This lotion works great in all kinds of weather and for all kinds of skin types too.

Fruit Butter Lotions


With these natural homemade body lotions you do not have to worry about skin issues. So make a jar for yourself today and enjoy healthy and glowing skin!



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