Causes And Top 10 Natural Remedies Of Goiter


Goiter is a condition in which the thyroid gland grows abnormally and becomes big in size. This can be seen as enlargement and swelling of the neck area. There is cough and hoarseness. Due to this condition, the patient has problem in swallowing and breathing. Goiter is caused by dietary deficiency of Iodine. Increasing age and autoimmune disease history increase the risk of this disease. If you have goiter, you should use natural remedies to cure the condition. The food should contain enough amounts of Iodine and you should take iodized salt. Iodine is present in seafood and seaweed. Therefore, include these foods in the diet. The causes and top 10 natural remedies of goiter are as follows.

Causes And Top 10 Natural Remedies Of Goiter



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